More than a dozen cities in France to protest against immigration do not accept a single male immigr jodie foster

The French town of demonstrations against the asylum Immigration: do not accept single male immigrants – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, according to foreign media reported on 10, the number of French urban residents staged protests over the weekend, against the closure of Calais jungle camp, there will be the resettlement to their town planning. About 30 kilometers southwest of Paris Faure Zeleban (Forges-les-Bains), about 250 people participated in the day of demonstrations. A new immigration reception centre, which is currently hosting 44 Afghan migrants, is in place last week. In September 16, 2016, local time in Paris of France, the French authorities for the transfer of the large number of refugees in the original refugees gathered near Jaures and Stalingrad metro station, leaving a lot of tents, mattresses and other daily necessities. French President Hollande announced last month that the demolition of Calais gathered tens of thousands of people in temporary camps before the end of this year, and there will be the resettlement of immigrants to France reception center. Among them, a population of about 3700 of the Fuerrelaiban is expected to admit 91 asylum seekers, they will live in an abandoned hospital. Participate in the parade of young mother Leia said: "the national force us to accept this, but I do not intend to close the mouth forbear." Led the parade rigal to call a halt to receive immigrants, but she stressed that the residents are not for all immigrants. "If it is an immigrant family, we will gladly accept it. We just don’t want to be single. My daughter is taking a bus outside the immigration reception every day, and she’s worried about meeting a group of strange men." In September 5, 2016, local time, the French people and Calais, tractor drivers blocked roads, protest, dismantling of the "Jungle" immigrant camp. The south of France Pierre F Dival (Pierrefeu-du-Var) and about 600 people participated in demonstrations against the government, in November 60 immigrants from Calais transferred to the plan. Southeast of Ellis (Allex) also has 80 demonstrations against the resettlement of immigrants in calais. In southern Montpelier, about 100 against "invasion of immigrants" and the French "Islamic" demonstrators, met a similar number of anti fascist protesters and riot police dispatched two factions separated.相关的主题文章:

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