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In the mother baby health Kyrgyzstan Xianghuai second mother Tang Liping (right) and ten year old son (right two) vegetarian vegetarian deeply for many years, let the children more healthy, more sensitive reaction. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Zhou Suping) in southern Zhangzhou, many people think that the lunar July is "ghost month," nothing, "Purdue", thanks to Li Li, and burn paper money, a "good brothers", so as to ease. According to Buddhist records, July in Chinese lunar calendar is the Buddha and monks Vassa a month, month, month is the joy of filial piety, is an auspicious month.   in order to get rid of the secular superstition, and widely promote the "vegetarian save earth", the Zhangzhou community volunteers on the evening of July 29th, the Liaison Office held the "July auspicious month blessing and promotion to the public advocate a vegetarian" Zhengxin and vegetarian benefits in Zhangzhou, expect everyone to pray peace, faith mindfulness. Vegetarian chef cooking natural table at dusk, the weather is still hot. Volunteers prepare meals in the kitchen kitchen, wearing a hat, wearing a white oil mouth mask, busy like a raging fire. The volunteers happy scene about two hundred and fifty people to eat vegetarian dishes, but also to worry about! How to promote a vegetarian diet: how to make a delicious and healthy vegetarian diet?" The volunteers had thought in the skillful vegetarian as chef Chen Yuezhong, they invited him to promote vegetarianism, Chen Yuezhong arranged the store business, devote to the auspicious month vegetarian promotional activities in July. The selection of raw materials from the dishes to Chen Yuezhong carefully collocation, and will discuss business. Volunteers performed "mindfulness" faith pray peace plays, told the congregation: "lunar July do not worship the meat, do not burn paper money, is auspicious. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Chen Yaping) "I don’t love vegetarian, with imitation meat raw materials, I believe that natural vegetable food can make a delicious taste." Chen Yuezhong has always been a vegetarian diet to maintain a healthy belief that he hopes the public can gradually change the habit of eating meat by natural delicious. In the spices, mushroom, cabbage, fried dishes, Spring rolls pill halogen letinous edodes, tofu salad…… A color, flavor and taste delicious is on the table, the volunteers greatly, but the most important thing is to let everyone feel vegetarian can eat well, eat to eat." Vegetarian baby strong vitality and warm to participate in the blessing of the public, the majority of young people, there are a lot of children with a young mother together, Tang Liping is a member of the congregation. Tang Liping has a ten year old son, with her son, keep a vegetarian habits, she said: "a good to the body, in the memory I feel like not so dull." Now, Tang Liping was pregnant with her second child baby, she is still a vegetarian and sports, hope the second baby can and brother health. For chef Chen Yuezhong, with bell pepper, letinous edodes, cook a delicious, let you feel you can have healthy vegetarian food. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Zhou Suping) and a young mother Zou Yihui, she was invited to participate in volunteer site for. Zou Yihui told volunteers: "baby, see to eat meat or things! During pregnancy, are vegetables, fruits, vegetarian based, to the production of the day, childbirth is only a small"相关的主题文章:

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