Much of the introduction of new standard sword poison runway how to avoid empty talk — local

Much of the introduction of new standard sword "poison runway"   how to avoid "empty talk" — local leaders — original title: much of the introduction of new standards at "poison runway" can also sports children safe? In recent years, the campus poison runway event endless, triggering a high degree of concern of the whole society. In order to ensure that the raw materials, construction process, quality inspection, etc., according to the track, Hunan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places have been introduced local standards. The new standard can plug the toxic runway into the campus loopholes? How can I get a safe place for kids? "Poison runway" exposed the lack of standards to develop a new "landmark" since the beginning of this year, Changzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Beijing and other places have exposed the campus "poison runway" incident, after the media tracking reports, "some poison hidden behind the runway" have been exposed. And some experts and industry insiders believe that the poison runway event is the underlying problem of the relevant legislative gaps, technical standards lag. It is understood that at present, China has promulgated the "quality inspection standard plastic runway runway surface and synthetic materials" "Sports Requirements and test methods – Part sixth: track and field" two national standards, but this is only the two national standard "recommended" is not "forced" standard. Relevant GB in the runway surface layer of hazardous substances limited provisions, but now the content covered by the test is too little. And the standard is still on the runway surface detection, rather than the runway air detection, but also can not assess how much toxic gas will be released after the sun exposure runway." Yan Lei, Ph. D., a basic molecular science center, Tsinghua University. "The poison runway" after the incident, Hunan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places have introduced a sword "poison runway" local standards. In May this year, Shenzhen city issued plastic ground engineering construction of local compulsory standard "composite sports ground layer quality control standards" (Trial), covering material control, construction quality control, project supervision, project acceptance etc.. Requirements of synthetic material surface construction, prohibited the use of benzene, toluene and xylene, carbon disulfide and dichloromethane solvent. In Zhejiang, in July 2nd the official release of the "Zhejiang standard" also supporting the introduction of the "synthetic material sports site odor assessment method". Shanghai also recently introduced a continuous plastic runway group standard "school sports venues the plastic surface layer of harmful substances limited" and "on the strengthening of the city basic education school plastic site construction management notice", a combination of boxing to defend campus health "". President of the Hunan Provincial Sports Facilities Construction Association to participate in the formulation of "quality standards" of Hunan province sports facilities construction plastic runway construction association Li Hongwu told reporters, "Hunan standard" the main form of constraints on the association’s nearly 70 member units, materials, production, construction of these units include plastic runway, plastic runway in Hunan market rate of more than 70%. Containment "poison runway" into the campus where the standard what new content? Reporters found that, compared to the existing national standards, the new introduction of local standards to improve the campus plastic runway related indicators, significantly expanded the harmful substances seized相关的主题文章:

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