Murder suspect 16 years bleaching way from the monk to the famous Abbot – Sohu news ca1806

Murder suspect 16 years bleaching way: from the monk to the famous Abbot – Sohu news August 12th morning, Anhui Fengyang Longxing Temple Abbot was taken away by the police. Video capture. "One year, ten years, more than ten years, he has been here in this period of practice, indeed for the temple to do a lot of things this time, these things are appreciated by people, and can even, do you think?" The Beijing News reporter, editor Yang Jingru and Su Xiaoming Lu Aiying | proofreading without warning, the morning of August 12th, several plainclothes and uniformed police came to Anhui Chuzhou Fengyang County Longxing Temple, the abbot master and widely heard on a black car. This is the implementation of the arrest of a police operation in Anhui, Bengbu. Was taken away, the smell of the master dressed in white loose shirt, yellow robe pants, no resistance, calm expression. From then on, he painstakingly sixteen years exposure identity — the murderer. Police on the Master heard a wide range of local sudden trial, widely heard on the spot admitted his past identity and criminal facts. In November 2000, he joined the four, killing three people; toting murder, he fled to Anhui from Heilongjiang, Daqing, renamed Sun Hongtao, around two temples, ultimately rooted in the Longxing Temple, and do, county CPPCC members, the abbot of the temple, the Buddhist Association from becoming a monk, the local characters of influential Buddhist circles. "Everyone is surprised", a staff member of the County Bureau of ethnic and religious affairs of Fengyang on onion said, "I hear his accent with the local people, a person working in a diligent, responsible, who can think he is such a thing?" Three lives in August 20th, Saturday afternoon, the Longxing Temple Street door opened only 1/3, not many visitors, the ticket office staff by nodding at the table. Longxing Temple is located in Fengyang County of Chuzhou City, at the junction with the Bengbu City, formerly known as Zhu Yuanzhang became a nun in the imperial abbey. The news was taken away for second days, the province and the city to the Buddha coordination interim head of the new king, the mage. For more than a week, and to maintain the daily operation of fruit temple and monks life is not affected, "the Buddhist is quiet, the original order because such a thing was disrupted, I do not want to let others think the murderer mention Longxing temple." Fruit to peel onion said. Little temple of the monks of the past known widely heard live for many years, I only know that he is the northeast person, never see him return home or in contact with the family, but I do not know the height of 1 meters 72, obese monk, is a murder fugitive. Anhui Longxing Temple in Fengyang. Beijing News reporter Yang Jingru photo insider revealed that the Master heard the original Daqing, Heilongjiang. Sixteen years ago, November 8, 2000 night at 11:30, Zhang Liwei together with four, a club carrying control pistol and a knife broke into Saertu, stabbed to death three people. After the murder, Zhang Liwei escapes, as police reward apprehend wanted. However, over the past 16 years, he fled from Daqing to Anhui, bleached identity, with a new household registration, renamed Sun Hongtao. Mount Jiuhua, Anhui, a monk at the age of 100 to peel onions (WeChat ID:boyangcong)"相关的主题文章:

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