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"My adorable husband" Trailer first Yang Yang Allison – Sohu Wang flash marriage entertainment by the famous director Ouyang Fenjiang directed network drama "my adorable husband", following the first version of the poster, today also released a trailer, the fixed gear announced july. The exposure of the trailer actor lineup, in addition to Yang Yang, Wang Jiajia, Kan Qingzi, Xu Zhengxi, Sha Deng and other popular idol, Ma Shuliang, Ma Rui, Li Jianxin and other more old play bone joined the all-star. Two little red cap, both red, played by Yang Yang Yang Kang and Wang Jiajia as Lei Xiaotao begins licensing, the speed of my partner stayed. In the trailer, different from the usual "God" image, Yang Yangyuan T-shirt, vest, shirt, buzz mix turns the body, completely self flying, the interpretation of the "silly adorable husband". "I Kangyi Yang for you forever, never betray for ever and ever", "you do not recognize her, is not to admit me, her husband MAX. It is understood that "my adorable husband" tells the story of Yang Yang’s Yang Kang and Wang Jiajia as the peach ray flash marriage story, Xu Zhengxi’s translation of Kan Qingzi plays a lot of Liang Luo, Sha Deng, as Su Xueer, they will have what kind of wonderful stories? April, watching the All-Star lineup, my stupid Meng husband.相关的主题文章:

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