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"My new clothes" Joey Yung rock class goddess chanting: a good teacher "my new clothes" Phoenix Entertainment News "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) fifth this week will again gorgeous struck, Hongkong Golden Melody queen Joey Yung join a strong, just meet with her very much in the theme of rock night. In the face of such Rock topic, the four usually quite elegant goddess Lin Chiling, He Sui, resident Zhang Li, Wang Likun would try, to abandon the "elegant", rock, of the four goddesses, is not a small challenge. In order to explore the four goddesses who rock gene, so that they can ignite the hearts of rock flame, self release, better Rock up in this program, Joey Yung took office as the sisters rock teacher, in the program group specially prepared, the commencement of rock. "My new clothes" four goddesses first is like Joey Yung bowed to the students "good teacher", Joey immediately entered the teacher role to "friends", and then accompanied by music, Joey Yung first dance drives the people’s emotions, and dance with the music guide "can move. You can throw ass", the four goddesses soon followed the teacher into the role, Joey move.     fathers and children do not forget to teach side to encourage students to "yes, beautiful", Wang Likun jumped hi Tucao Road, "this is our own here hi". With the rhythm of the music grows, the sisters gradually liberate nature, Lin Chiling jumped into the sunglasses fell from the clothes, Wang Likun holding his Earrings shouting "no, here is too heavy," Zhang Li learning is rapid, in front of the audience shouted "sing together", Joey Yung teacher to remind everyone to immediately react look at the interaction with the audience. Lin Chiling is learning to sell now, "raise your hand."".   Wang Likun and Sui he is back to back hair, playing the guitar, playing guitar. Goddess in the presence of the teacher with the help of God, can be described as a complete release of the self, completely up. Miss Joey Yung at the end of the course summary "rock is not defined, you do whatever you want," pass out of this program, "rock is not defined, might do it yourself" theme. How will the goddesses be inspired by the rock and roll gene to produce the rock show? More exciting, please lock this Saturday (October 1st) 10 p.m. Eastern TV "my new clothes".相关的主题文章:

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