Nanyang brothers for a woman’s brother brother killed (video)-hyuna

Nanyang brothers for a woman’s brother brother killed the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Dang Songling Marseille) two brothers, as a woman’s brother, was cruel to kill my brother. The day before, Li Mouyi was Sheqi County People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest of intentional homicide. A day night in fall 2014, Cheng Wa village husband had died 8 years of Han women, found in the bedroom of drunken Lee a lie in his bed and get him out, Li Moujia and Han forced sex. After that, Li Moujia harassment almost every day han. For a long time, Han is reluctant, but the heart also acquiesced, because Han is Li Moujia’s aunt family, fear spread to be a joke. After the Spring Festival in 2016, Mr. Han’s wall collapsed, Li Moujia’s brother Li Mouyi take the initiative to help it to fix the walls. That night, Li Mouyi in Han’s house, two people have sex. 2016 summer a night, Li Mouyi to find Han Mou, saw his brother Li Moujia is in bed with Han affectionate. Li Moujia found, hit Li Mouyi with a brick. Since then, Li Mouyi only dare to go out to work in the South Korea secretly go to Korea when Li Moujia. June 2016 day in the morning, Li Mouyi Li Moujia slipped into the house, with a brick by Li Moujia. Although Li Moujia is suspected brother dry, but there is no evidence had to give up. August 27th, Li Mouyi learned that Han working in Biyang, went to Biyang and its intimate. September 1st morning, Li Mouyi in bed and toss about can’t sleep, think of a woman and my brother fight and brother bully is angry, impulse, went to Li Moujia, gently pushed the door into the house, his spade at Li Moujia head, causing Li Moujia to die on the spot. (Nandu Morning News) video: woman playing two triangle "boyfriend" as a street brawl death相关的主题文章:

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