National League Higgins played a single shot 145 to carry out with the promotion of Zhao Xintong

The National Championships Higgins single shot 145 bombers carrying out Higgins Zhao Xintong Selby cut across the Sina 6-0 sports news Beijing standard time on the afternoon of October 23rd, the 2016 international Snooker Championship on the first day of the game continues, Higgins and Selby the clown in the extension wizard qualifying successfully defeated their opponents to the promotion race, wild card round Chinese player Chen Zifan play well Tian Pengfei defeated fellow teenager Zhao Xintong in the promotion, is in the first round 3-6 defeat of Tom Ford, were eliminated. In the afternoon of a wild card round, by Chinese player Tian Pengfei against compatriot Chen Zifan, at the beginning of the match two people feel is not good, the first three game of both sides of the field are not single pole winner, three Tian Pengfei 2-1 lead after the war stalemate, the fourth game of Chen Zifan first hit a single shot 64 points after Tian Pengfei single shot 68 points in reverse, the score will be expanded to 3-1, after Tian Pengfei feel down, with the highest score before Panruoliangren, single office only 43 points, while Chen Zifan is Yuezhanyueyong, frequently hit a single shot 50+ winning, from the fifth to ninth wins and five Chen Zifanlian win the game, which broke into the race. At the same time there are two qualifying match postponed, one of which is by Higgins against Sydney – Wilson, Higgins in the game show of the game rule, the first two people take turns are not to use single rod in winning, repeatedly find Higgins feel in the process of 81-64 to win the first game after. The first game adaptation of Higgins into the state, in the next five innings were hit a single shot 67 points, 65 points, 60 points, 145 points and 84 points, all single pole winner, 145 high fifth inning distance score only 2 points, so Higgins did not give the opponent a chance, effortlessly into the first round opponent is eliminated. In contrast, another extension of qualifying in the world’s top ranked Selby and rival Paul Davidson won the game is not so easy, Davidson with a single shot 76 points to win the first game after Selby won four to force the bureau to obtain a 4-1 lead, of which third and fifth innings Selby hit a single shot 122 points and 89 single pole winning, to show the world the first strength slightly, then Davidson with a single shot 59 points not resigned to playing second fiddle, a board in the seventh inning after Selby hit a single shot 57 points from the Bureau has also hit a single shot 57 points to win 62-58, pursues the score 4-3, Davidson eighth the first hit a single shot 58 points after Selby single shot 52 points to 69-58 with a board reversed to match point, the ninth game of Davidson with a single shot 77 points saved a match point, tenth to 105 times Selby sealed the opponent Finally win promotion to the first round of the race. Zhao Xintong is the first round encounter has ranked thirty-fifth in the world of Tom Ford, a Ford in the first game to hit a single shot 132 points to zero closure opponents, in second innings in the entanglement of rare 54-16 ultra low points with a single shot 65 points to win the three game 86-9, so Telian Fu win the three 3-0 lead. Fourth Zhao Xintong to 60-1相关的主题文章:

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