Network transmission bear by the villager roasted alive mmhouse

Network transmission bear by the villager "fire alive" network transmission bears are 7 villagers "roasted alive" the morning of November 8th, users’ daily about cats and dogs "in micro-blog sent a micro-blog, users caused strong concern. Micro-blog says: "bear down lost by Daliang Village fire escape people alive. According to @ open aquarium biological man: multi-party verification, the incident Liangshan County, Leibo." Micro-blog also comes with three pictures and a video. In the first picture, a black bear stands in a field of corn after harvest, surrounded by three dogs, some people use a mobile phone camera. The second picture is a picture of a black bear being caught, someone is supporting a stick. The third picture is suspected, the black bear was placed on the wood on the fire, a number of men around the fire watch. The video is only 6 seconds, the contents of the two dogs chasing a black bear. Micro-blog issued, attracted an uproar. Many netizens have questioned: the villagers alleged illegal practice, and too cruel. The Provincial Forestry Department: the black bear attack villagers was killed after burning buried for questioning, the friends made the morning of November 8th, the Sichuan provincial forestry department in micro-blog official responded: "the Leibo county and the state of Liangshan, the verification, bear to the local villages to attack people, in order to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the local people, the local forest the public security organization, in accordance with the wild animal harm prevention emergency disposal management of the bear to be killed. In order to avoid illegal products related to illegal workers into the market, the local authorities carried out the disposal of incineration and then buried."相关的主题文章:

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