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New research reveals how human beings "out of Africa": human gene diversity map data (Sina pictures) 3 report the British "natural" magazine online edition published 21 to come from more than 280 different human populations of high quality genome were analyzed, the results of these studies provide new clues for the modern man out of Africa theory. Homo sapiens is the biological classification of "people" in a "kind", is common to all biological. About Homo sapiens originated in place, the scientific point of view is not consistent. Based on fossil and genetic analysis, a more persuasive view is that humans originated in East africa. And the time and route for the expansion of modern human populations from africa. In the first report, including academics at the Harvard University medical school team analyzed the genome sequences of 300 people, they are from 142 different populations, these populations are usually covered in a large-scale study less. The researchers describe a series of analysis showed that human genetic diversity characteristics, found that the human population in at least 200 thousand years ago began to split from Africa, since then, gene mutation accumulation rate increased by about 5% in the "non African". In this regard, the researchers believe that a possible explanation is that, after separation, non African generation time shortened, thereby increasing the rate of genetic change. In the second report, the Danish University of Copenhagen scholar ace Alex · willerslev and Anna Sappho · Malaspina and colleagues tested 83 native Australian mainland and Papua New Guinea highlands genomic sequences of 25 individuals. The data show that the ancestors of the indigenous peoples of Australia and Papua, more than 50 thousand years ago, were separated from Eurasian populations. In another report, Luca, a researcher at the Estonia Institute of Biological Sciences, ·, and colleagues on the basis of the existing data set, 379 new genomes from the 125 populations were added to the. They found that at least 2% of the genomes of modern Papua people show that their ancestors came from a unique group of Africans separated from them, and that time was earlier than that of eurasia. The findings show that some 120 thousand years ago, when humans moved out of Africa, some of them arrived in Papua and settled there. "A commentary accompanying nature" magazine said, provides a clear human genetic diversity of these studies, "so that we can draw new conclusions in humans out of Africa on this matter". However, the article also pointed out that although these studies fill some of the missing elements in the history of human evolution, but there are still a lot of mysteries to be solved.相关的主题文章:

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