New Zealand earthquake the first wave of tsunami waves up to reach up to 5 meters (video) mkdv-02

New Zealand earthquake: the first wave of the tsunami reached following waves up to 5 meters south island of New Zealand earthquake local consulate: no casualties were reported Chinese tourists figure for Christchurch people to the streets of hedge > > see more site map on 14 November, Xinhua news agency, Wellington (reporter Tian Yesu Liang) 14 on the morning of the 7.5 earthquake and tsunami struck the South Island of New Zealand after the New Zealand government urged affected the east coast of the South Island and the southern tip of the North Island is located in the capital of Wellington residents, especially in low-lying areas, residents moved to the high place or safety. The New Zealand civil defence minister Gerry · Bromley morning held a press conference, confirmed just after midnight earthquake and frequent aftershocks caused casualties and property losses. But because of the need to wait for the digital regional report, is not the exact number of casualties of the Civil Defense Department temporarily. At the highest magnitude of a series of aftershocks 6.2 in a residential South East Coast tourist town Kai ikura collapsed, one missing. The first wave of the tsunami had reached the town, about 2 meters high. In addition, the rest of the South Island East Coast will also be hit by the tsunami, when the waves up to 5 meters. Affected by the earthquake, Hammer Springs and Kay ikura, the epicenter of the recent Carle VIRDEN town current interruption of power supply. In Wellington and the South Island’s largest city of Christchurch, designated schools and other public facilities as temporary shelters open to the public, the South Island main road closed, Wellington railway system outage. The government suggested that people do not enter the city that day, stay at home waiting for notification. New Zealand earthquake killed at least two people died Xinhua news agency, Wellington, November (reporter Su Liang field) New Zealand Prime Minister John · base 14 confirmed that at least two people were killed in the early morning of the earthquake occurred. John ·, based at a news conference, said it was unable to confirm whether there are more casualties, the staff will further assess the impact of the earthquake. A statement on the 14 day of the New Zealand police said the earthquake caused a house south east coast town of Kai ikura collapsed, causing one death. In addition, the police received reports of casualties, one person died the largest South Island City of Christchurch north of a building. Local time 14 days 0 hours 2 minutes, 7.5 earthquake occurred in the central region of South Island of new zealand. Since then, frequent aftershocks of 5 or above, mainly concentrated in the northeastern region of South Island of new zealand.相关的主题文章:

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