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North Korea’s nuclear weapons manufacturing capacity rose foreign media: nuclear weapons the United States or forced into negotiations with the DPRK – Sohu news [Global Times reported] North Korea’s progress — this is the first outside of the North Korean nuclear judgment. Reported that the Korea Niuxi Si news agency 9 days said that North Korea last nuclear test in January this year, the distance of the nuclear test only in the past 8 months. North Korea nuclear test explosion equivalent upgrade, the first nuclear test triggered by the artificial earthquake for 3.9, the second nuclear test for the level of the 4.5, the third level for the first time, the fourth level for the first time, and this is the level of 5, the level of the level of the nuclear power plant for the first time, the level of the nuclear test for the North Korean nuclear test is level 4.8. North Korea has conducted a nuclear test every two or three years and has now become the first of its kind in the past two years, which shows that North Korea’s nuclear weapons capabilities have reached a considerable level. According to South Korea, "Daily" reported that 9 South Korean NIS said that North Korea is now the most hope to reach the goal is developed to carry small nuclear warheads in the Scud missile, Fifth North Korean nuclear test seems to indicate that this development process faster than expected. National court also said that North Korea is currently in a state of nuclear test at any time, from the fifth nuclear test speed, the next sixth, the implementation of the seventh nuclear test is not impossible in the short term. "With North Korea through the fifth nuclear tests show its nuclear weapons development speed beyond expectations, the future does not rule out the United States to change policy negotiations with North Korea, Yonhap said North Korea has reached 9, will carry small nuclear warheads to medium range missiles, not only the USFK, even US troops stationed in Japan in North Korea’s nuclear strike within the scope of. But it will take more than 10 years for North Korea to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the United states. To the surprise of the international community, it may be one of the aims of North korea. "Japanese economic news" said that although the specific technical level of North Korea’s nuclear warhead miniaturization is still uncertain, but the basic can be sure that the reality of North Korea’s nuclear missile threat is increasing, the basic strategy is to continue to strengthen its nuclear and missile capabilities, forcing the United States to change the DPRK hostile attitude, the safety guarantee. "Washington Post" quoted analysts say, the North Korea nuclear test has the dual purpose of both domestic and international, "from a domestic perspective, Kim Jeong-eun wants to turn itself into a brave and strong against American leaders. From an international point of view, the nuclear test aims to show that the implementation of sanctions against North Korea and international pressure does not work. They want to force the world to concede defeat and change its policy toward north korea." Reported that, in fact, the nuclear test by the international society thrown into a panic and despair. University of Southern California Professor David international relations? Kang said: "people expected eight or nine months before the implementation of the sanctions will eventually put North Korea down, but apparently not."相关的主题文章:

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