North Liaoning open to revitalize the New Silk Road — local leaders —

North   Liaoning open to revitalize the "New Silk Road" — local leaders — original title: North Liaoning opened the revitalization of "New Silk Road" to further clarify Liaoning’s participation in the "The Belt and Road ‘construction of key countries and regions, key projects and industrial innovation, cooperation mechanism, expand areas of cooperation, enhance the level of cooperation, the depth of the development of overseas market." In September 9th, the provincial Party committee of the province to promote the "The Belt and Road construction made the deployment. Open to the north, Liaoning start again. Expand open new space in September 13th, the national development and Reform Commission published the "construction in Mongolia and Russia economic corridor plan", "The Belt and Road" under the framework of the first multilateral cooperation program launched. "China" Belt and Road Initiative "vision and action plan, proposed the construction of six economic corridors, and Mongolia and Russia is crucial to a corridor." Zhang Jianping, director of the International Cooperation Office of the national development and reform commission. To become rich, first road". In the 7 key areas of cooperation, to promote the development of transport infrastructure and interoperability become the focus of the planning framework. Liaoning northeast is the only coastal and border provinces, with the basis of congenital superiority and good. "Give full play to the Northeast in the opening of the platform and the leading role of Liaoning coastal economic zone, by rail transport, aviation transport and other modes of transport, inland, coastal and border areas to achieve interoperability." In the implementation of the implementation of the Central Document No. 7, the province has clearly defined and deployed. This passage through the East and West, Liaoning has become an important support for cross-border channels. Spread out the map, we can clearly see that the "Liaoning over Europe" Mengou "Liao Liao" Seagull "three major channel from north to west, meandering miles, outline a magnificent curve, the Liaoning and the" The Belt and Road along the country together tightly. A set of data can illustrate the problem, an important port in Manchuria in northern China, the first half of this year, after the exit of the train here has 343 columns, an increase of 119.87%; among them, "Liao full European outbound trains 205, an increase of 132.95%," Liaoning over Europe transit trains to become the most stable supply, now accounts for nearly 60% of all Manchuria port exit trains. At present, our province has applied for the national Yingkou port and Dalian Port port opened central trains into national central trains planning and layout framework, our province to participate in the key point to construct the Eurasian Continental Bridge cross-border fluid system has already formed. Not only the "Liao full Europe", the other two cross-border rapid progress of the same channel. Jinzhou port and Panjin port by Mongolia country to channel in Europe are speeding up the layout, Papua New Railway, Kam Chek railway is progressing smoothly; in the sea, the origin of Dalian Port COSCO Shipping win wheel through the Northeast passage to European ports, the opening of our new trade to Europe by sea transport channel. At the same time, on domestic routes, Yingkou to Weifang Liaolu sea cargo transport roll marine transportation mode innovation of Liaodong Peninsula and Shandong Peninsula; the new route from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport to Moscow and other places have been opened. "The Belt and Road", the first in the interconnection infrastructure investment and trade cooperation, through the logistics industry)相关的主题文章:

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