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Not Lun love into a lily drama? Still want to give it down by Vizier Sunday morning just upload the third set of "sage" love, when I look at the Sunday afternoon, is this watch amount…… And the number of online no less than ten thousand. I can’t help thinking: what happened to this episode? You still remember? This drama tells the story between a pair of "bestie" story of revenge. Lily and Lily from an early age to understand, but Lily is committed to really grab everything from the hand, it looks like a good little rabbit really everything down her, but it is planning a big conspiracy! It took her 20 years to train Lily’s son into a love of her own, to achieve the purpose of revenge. The first two sets is the trend, Lily all rush, really secretly by various domesticated. Dolls, necklaces, earrings, boyfriends have arrived, but Lily is not satisfied. Now she’s staring at the old house. I don’t want to sell by, she grabbed the chilly wind blowing in the husband ears. We are not really by Tucao is not really stingy, after all, can give you to, nor bestie Tucao this call, I said the last sentence: to help her? Did you ever do that? See someone else on the first of the necklace robbed people have what qualifications say this? Then I found that I was wrong. I do not know that thirty years ago, when Lily just moved to a house by the side of the family, the two people actually so good. Lily parents at that time, the atmosphere is not good at home. I went to visit by seeing this heart very distressed lily, they cry to embrace, not now rattling like ah. Two people happily in a swing. It really was bullied by lily first came out saying carry ice chisel Lily really behind a cold! Look what frightened the little girl…… It also help by their true comfort by etc.! Is this really Lily? See here I have been confused, this is the first two focus that people say hateful appearance, what want to fight? This is not scientific! What do you mean, "your smile only belongs to me?" Got a half day lily like people are really from?! So it is really a variety of grab it? Just to attract her attention? Feel it makes sense to explain so many plot! Why don’t you let your name be true to your son? Why have you been so close to the truth? Why to stop by and I really good brother? But…… This trend is too crooked ah! When I saw Lily began to rob the true father, dumbfounded has been unable to describe my state. If this is also in order to attract the attention of the real, the lily is not really sick! The day lily in the home stay, heavy rain, thunder and lightning, Lily went really by the father house, and dress, and Qing Shuang, ten. The first thunder would hold second thunder that hold the little girl who is not the eyes, said his ankle pain, really look at it from my father said, she would hold the hands of the people, gentlemen.相关的主题文章:

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