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Not yet listed on the order to break the vision of what kind of trick SUV move people? Sohu cars have not yet listed on the order to break the vision of what kind of trick SUV move people? Not long ago, geely vision SUV unveiled the July 7th sale, the dealership scheduled perspective SUV consumers in a continuous line, the product has not officially listed, the pre-sale orders of more than 000. The product concerned continuously rising, the market response was so positive, proud of the rare industry report. Vision SUV in the market before actually playing tricks which let users willing to pay for it? What does it rely on to impress consumers? Xiao Cheng believes that the most critical product charm or high cost. Vision SUV, with its beautiful appearance, elegant interior, science and technology configuration and efficient power of high-quality high-quality texture to enjoy the mid sized SUV, the price is only 7.49-10.19 yuan. This is to create the price of King rhythm ah. A beautiful appearance, see people at first sight auspicious new family design language in the other SUV geely vision this is like a declaration, on behalf of a brilliant bullyear quality equate symbol. The overall shape of the fusion Chinese cultural elements and the international trend of the aesthetic appearance, make tough atmosphere, dynamic fashion. The front face of the Geely family "water ripple" grille design looks familiar and friendly; diamond streamer headlamps with blackened, equipped with compass type LED lamp, increase the fashion color and dynamic technology; under the grille and front fog lamps with new trapezoidal chrome trim, more dynamic. Streamlined body design adds a sense of beauty to geely vision SUV. From the front wheel eyebrow, wing waist to taillights, edgy but plump, outline the waist muscles, and hood muscle echoes, and a new streamlined Aluminum Alloy rack and Agile Dynamic Aluminum Alloy hub, Bauhinia fancy size is 22565 R17 Giti comfort series tire, butbring out SUV’s tough temperament and sense of power. The design of the rear part of the dynamic but also stable. L type ribbon novel and texture after the taillights and ripple type rear door car type hierarchy, surrounded by bumper and widen up the middle rear fog lamp design have a unique style, highlighting the vehicle movement temperament. Two, interior luxury luxury is a good look at the quality of interior design, geely vision SUV also uses a large number of Chinese cultural elements, details of exquisite workmanship. New three steering wheel in line with ergonomic, grip more comfortable. The luxury green soft plastic interior, create a soft touch. The console, dashboard, door at the side of water drawing decoration decoration board, car speakers, cruise control buttons, steering wheel decoration, storage box paper pad, the air outlet is full of China FRET fretwork elements of the interior, meaning rich Everfount. Seat of the high-end PVC leather package, headrest molding, seat soft foam double density design, both comfort and support. Rear seat back with 115 degrees of the best ride angle.相关的主题文章:

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