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Officialdom in the end there is no small circle? And after participating in the work, and heard the "small circle". The indistinct, feel the existence of a "small circle". Officialdom in the end there is no small circle? How to look at the official circles? Do not enter if there is a small circle, what is your attitude, what is the circle or circle? These problems, or just entering the workplace and the authorities will be interested in young people, willing to understand. So, today, is to come to the old identity, in a realistic attitude, say: "small circle the officialdom". First, there is no bureaucratic circles official circles have small circle it? The answer is yes. Several years ago, the people’s Daily has published a signed "Zhong Zuwen" article, said officials shall not engage in "small circle", the author, is a writing team of the department. In August this year, the people’s Daily published articles and "leading cadres to stay away from the" small circle ". There is no doubt that the small circle is objective. If it does not exist, talk about "can not engage in"? If there is no circle, why say "away"? Small circle, there is no secret, into the team as into the circle "," brother-in-law as a small circle ", which is the organ of accounts, but also some negative lessons in numerous personnel and the promotion of the ups and downs. What is a circle? Really want to define, it is not good to say. In short, the so-called circle, is formed for the sake of mutual benefit and mutual use of small groups. Its characteristic is, usually seem to have no trace, the key moment is very useful. Circle is how to form? Already have no according to can take an examination of. Broadly, there are circles at all times and in all countries. A gang of three men, a fence three piles. Chinese a small circle, the other side of the ocean is full of Hilary and Trump, I also have their own circle. During the election campaign, the loyal followers of the campaign is the circle, came to power, the cabinet team is the circle of iron buddies. Groups and circles, both contact, there are differences. Some people into the team, but has not yet entered the circle, some people did not enter the team, has entered the circle. It may seem a bit awkward, but a little thought, not hard to understand. Two, how to look at the officialdom circle of officialdom circles since the objective existence, there must be a reason for its existence, or that there is a certain degree of rationality. Existence is reasonable, which is also called. The existence of small circles, from individuals and small groups self-interest. For example, the leadership to do a thing, if completely of course to do business and, in charge of team members or subordinates to do. However, sometimes, this business, often can piggyback personal gain. To go to the team rather than the circle of people to do, the leadership of selfishness exposed, things can’t have been stranded. Moreover, the leadership at this time is not open, not in a circle, each other is not good to the public and private regardless of the point of no talk. When, to both into the team and into the circle of people to do the best, but of course, not only the business to do, and the affair).相关的主题文章:

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