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The offshore renminbi fell below 6.80 mark intraday refresh record low [Abstract] the offshore renminbi (CNH) against the dollar fell 0.02% to 6.7980 yuan, a record closing record low, 05:32 Beijing time, the offshore renminbi fell below 6.80 mark, refresh intraday record low to 6.8003 yuan. Today, the RMB central parity drop down to 6.7817 92. The election results will be announced. The idea that if Hilary is elected, the dollar will rebound sharply stronger, the RMB will continue to decline; and if Trump is elected, the position on the issue of trade may lead to trade friction, and then to bring great pressure to depreciate. In view of this, the people’s Daily Overseas Edition yesterday published an article pointed out that the election results influence the trend of the RMB should not be overstated. People’s Daily quoted experts pointed out that, on the one hand, no matter who is elected, U.S. economic policy will be committed to maintaining their own interests; on the other hand, steady pace China economic restructuring, upgrading and opening up, RMB provides long-term strong fundamental support. Therefore, the election results affect the trend of the RMB should not be overstated. In addition, the people’s daily also pointed out that the accession to the SDR currency basket will bring more international demand for renminbi. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) latest report shows that the use of RMB trade settlement countries continue to increase, as of now has reached 101 countries. Among them, in September this year, the total value of global Renminbi payments increased by more than 10%, far higher than the average growth rate of 0.93% of all currency. A recent survey shows that the Standard Chartered Bank, although short-term investors are cautiously optimistic about the RMB investment prospects, but many investors in the market and the long-term Chinese still have confidence, more than half of the respondents believe that the RMB is expected to recover. At the same time, 72% RMB products investors think the portfolio should include the renminbi and Chinese market products, in order to spread the risks.

离岸人民币一度跌破6.80关口 刷新盘中纪录低点 [摘要]离岸人民币(CNH)兑美元跌0.02%至6.7980元,创收盘纪录新低,北京时间05:32,离岸人民币一度跌破6.80关口,刷新盘中纪录低点至6.8003元。今日,在岸人民币中间价三连降,下调92点,至6.7817。美国大选结果即将公布。有观点认为,如果希拉里当选,美元将大幅反弹走强,人民币会继续走低;而如果特朗普当选,则其在贸易问题上的立场可能引发贸易摩擦,进而给人民币带来巨大的贬值压力。针对这类观点,人民日报海外版昨日发表文章指出,美国大选结果对人民币走势的影响不应被夸大。人民日报援引专家指出,一方面,无论谁当选,美国的经济政策都将致力于维护其本国利益;另一方面,中国经济转型、升级和开 放的稳健步伐,为人民币长期坚挺提供了根本支撑。因此,大选结果本身对人民币走势的影响不应被夸大。此外,人民日报还指出,正式加入SDR货币篮子将为人民币带来更多的国际需求。环球银行间金融通信协会(SWIFT)最新报告显示,使用人民币进行贸易结算的国 家继续增加,截至目前已达101个国家。其中,今年9月份全球采用人民币支付的款项总价值增加10%以上,远高于所有货币0.93%的平均增长率。而渣打银行不久前的一项调查显示,虽然短期内投资者对人民币投资前景持审慎乐观态度,但很多投资者对中国市场及人民币长远仍抱有信心,过半受访者认为人民币有望收复失地。同时,72%人民币产品投资者均认为投资组合应该包括人民币及中国市场产品,以分散风险。相关的主题文章:

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