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Old mobile phone can not delete the communication records leak experts: still can restore the original title: sell old mobile phone delete photos, communication records do not leak? Expert: still be able to recover the Oriental Network reporter Cheng Qi reported on November 15th: HUAWEI, millet, Apple…… 11, double period, cut the hand of the party who love for electronic products, has reached a new height. It is understood that only a Jingdong, as of 11 July 24, mobile phone communications, computer office, intelligent digital three category overall sales exceeded 42 million 500 thousand, a new record high, the complete mobile phone sales reached 4 million 340 thousand units. However, so many new mobile phone home, down out of the mobile phone how to dispose of, is to use at home or sold, recycling second-hand mobile phone will disclose personal information about such problems also let many people confused. Old phone how to deal with? Aside, the sale of silly people do not know Mr. Wu told reporters that during the double 11, he bought a new online iphone7, the original 5S was eliminated. Look back, HTC, millet, Samsung, HUAWEI, apple 4S, apple 5S, the home has six or seven mobile phones. For idle down the phone, Mr. Wu is the first choice for the elderly, but also consider selling out, but still worried about information leakage. Mr. Wu will mobile phone idle at home, but Mr. Liu seems very knowledgeable people. He has just sold two iPhones this year. He told reporters that at present there are three ways, one is to go to Apple’s flagship store, through the old way, recycling old mobile phones, buy new phones, security is guaranteed. Secondly, the Internet has similar to love recycling and other electronic products recycling platform, as long as the user input model, year, configuration, etc., the site will provide a recycling price to consumers. In addition, you can also in the city under the line of mobile phone sales point, the recovery price may be higher. However, Mr. Liu told reporters that he is a mobile phone fancier, so for the mobile phone very knowledgeable, in the sale of mobile phone before, he will take iPhone ID out, but also good privacy settings, the factory settings. Expert advice: the factory set up to deal with the professional home, to the elderly, to the old, or to sell the old phone in the end how to deal with good? Tencent mobile Butler security experts told reporters that the old cell phone processing is a personal preference, he personally does not like to sell outdated phone. However, for ordinary display, used to say, no matter what the mobile phone system, prior to the proposed second-hand sale, delete data, restore factory settings, if extended memory card also remember to remove, if the mobile phone does storage is very important and sensitive privacy information, try not to sell two times, to strengthen its own custody properly. If you have to sell and display the advice is to find professional data destruction, general professionals will use more professional data cleaning technology for mobile phone, erasing the overall depth of the destruction, after complete removal in the protection of user data, through special software will be a large but invalid file filled to the mobile phone, through the double protection, realization complete data can’t recover from ya相关的主题文章:

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