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Elite Olympic delegation arrived in Macao – Hong Kong – people.com.cn newspaper Macao on 29 August, (reporter Su Ning) by the State Sports General Administration Director Liu Peng served as the head of the Rio Olympic National Olympic delegation visit elite end of August 29th, 4 p.m. arrive by boat from Hongkong Macao outer harbor terminal, a large number of people and tourists have gathered around the pier waiting a lot of fans, with the name of the athletes holding banners, cheering for the love of athletes. The band played the joyous music sound, the government held a grand welcoming ceremony at the pier, social culture secretary Tan Junrong and deputy director of the liaison office in Macao until Sun Da is expected to meet more than 200 students, 15 students lined up to welcome, on behalf of flowers. The National Olympic delegation elite group of 64 people, including 5 leader or coach and 45 elite athletes. Although the Olympic Games ended, but Macao people’s passion is burning, 30 days, 31 days and two days will be held at the gala and competitive exchange two public events a total of 5700 free tickets for a short period of time all the people of Macao sent to hundreds of people queuing for the tickets, waiting to advance to the scene. Deng night scene 11 occupying. Although queuing overnight, but she felt very worthwhile, she said she has been very concerned about the trend of national athletes, before the Olympic Games daily through the night to watch the game, this rare opportunity to close contact with the Olympic elite, certainly will not miss. Mr. Zhou arrived at 4 in the morning with his grandson to the scene lined up, he said, most expect to see Fu Yuanhui and the style of the women’s volleyball team, even if it does not matter a few hours, very happy to be able to successfully get admission tickets. 29, the government held a banquet to welcome the delegation. The chief executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region Cui Shian said in a speech, holding the National Olympic elite athletes the opportunity to visit, can let the residents close witness Olympic athletes style, understand the journey they win, also can let Macao teenagers learn from athletes, to follow their example, establish a good the outlook on life, based on the moment in the future, on the road of life actively enterprising, unremitting self-improvement. The Olympic elite from 30 onwards for three days visit by rich and colorful, with the Macao student exchanges "National Olympic athletes and elite youth about", but also with the singer invited to live performances, audience interactive "proud of our country — Macao Olympic elite athletes get-together". The delegation will also visit Macao residents into community, social service agencies, and neighborhood people talk. On the afternoon of the last day, we will meet the local athletes in the stadium. This is the fifth visit of the delegation of the Olympic elite to Macao. The delegation will be on the morning of September 1st, the end of the trip from australia. (commissioning editor Wang Zhengqi and Cui Dong)相关的主题文章:

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