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OMG type star suffered complete failure of LPL anterior more difficult – Sina hero alliance zone with the end of the finals of the LPL, the new season of the transfer period was the prelude to the composition of the team began to become whirling up, looking forward to the new lineup at the same time, LPL fans want to see more new faces appear in the game. OMG star as a veteran team, on behalf of the OMG is also an era in the S3 era, they turned out as a dark horse across the league, at the time of the teams to blaze a new trail. OMG type star, began in the late S4. When we feel the blood 50 comeback, and exciting 3:0, OMG reached the peak of popularity. With the development of marine, OMG launched a publicity plan, a series of singles, starred in the movie, publicity photos, conference will also want the player to fight the real unsuspectingly eSports gaming star. With the gaming entertainment, this change seems to be reasonable. In the old players have retired after the transition, OMG did not give up the absorption of fresh blood, still shouting slogans to build the whole class. Obviously, increase the exposure rate of propaganda and not let their performance further, but let the outside world that as a reason for shelling. Then, once the team, in the years of survival of the fittest gradually. There is no doubt that the local players training, pay attention to the cultivation of local players, to create a whole class of this point is not a problem. Even the word LPL in the whole class, two years after the failure, gradually become the mainstream voice of the public. But the whole class, look so simple words, five Chinese games, up to now has become very difficult. In the older generation of retired members, LPL seems to be the lack of each position. We know that a lot of teams have a youth team, the two team, if necessary, can better select players into the home team, to achieve the purpose of the players constantly. The status quo is, the famous players to stand panic buying their own players, can get fewer opportunities, even appear in the game as long as the performance is not good to be replaced, replacement of the crisis, no time to adapt to the game, but also more about the accumulation of experience. Talent is the key changes in the environment, and the rise of live training generation play, let the real talented people are often unable to withstand the pressure of survival, to give up the occupation of road. The rest of the local players, because of the arrival of the Han, become lazy, even in the Quanhua class communication is in a complete mess. If the word "dream" in more and more development of society become more and more vague, so relatively, the material benefit of the live training is more and more realistic. With the wrong way of management, most people have a misunderstanding of the occupation eSports, think this is a thankless task. See our secondary League, even if the search for Korean aid, even if the state has fallen to the peak of the Korean aid has not been, there is no way to give new players a chance. In a sense, it is contradictory.相关的主题文章:

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