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Book-Reviews There are several reasons to justify the reading Chetan Bhagat that can convince your friends, English teacher or colleagues. They are considered to be the great time pass. Being easy with language, they are being preferred much, on doesnt require a dictionary, further they are lower in price, interesting and exciting to be read, funny at times and so on. One more reason can be added very happily that they are his are stories relate to the present today, where you and I actually live. The most recent launch revolution 2020 is a story about three childhood friends Gopal, Raghav and Aarti struggling to discover victory and love in Varanasi. Though, it isnt simple to attain this in an inequitable culture that rewards the corrupt. At one hand Gopal gives in to the system, the Raghav fights it, who wins at the end, can be found out by reading the book. So go for it. His other bestselling books are Five Point Someone, The Three Mistakes of My Life, one night @ the call center, and 2 States . Talking about 2 States the story of my marriage, it will be apt to say that this is a formula book that works wonders with the normal Indian reader. Much similar to the formula film, it has got emotions, friendship, sex, betrayal, music, Indian families, exploitation on the edge of break-up followed by re-uniting, tearful mothers, elaborate weddings, spirituality, office politics, nosy relatives, just-for-laugh lines and a unsurprising ending. Another interesting book being named as Steve Jobs: the Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson is the certified biography of Steve Jobs which is enthralling for its truthful portrayal of a determined visionary. There .es the Preeti Shenoys Life Is What You Make It, this is a book that makes for a fine .pelling read about the girls fight to conquer odds that she in no way thought she would need to face. For what led to those actions; although not extremely overtly revealed, one requires reading first half of the book to get the sense of what could have been revealed. This is where the beauty of the book lay down; in all the minimalism the book keeps taking you few pages back a just to verify what you could have overlooked. The characters are painted vividly like a drawing. The shows how Ankita Sharma valiant all the odds to .e out of the trap she had fallen in. All these quite interesting books are just few clicks away, visit the online book store and place the order right now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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