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Reference-and-Education Quran Learning Quran is a guide line for all humanity. It shows the right path and explains that how we have to spend our lives in this world. For this every Muslim must learn Quran, so that he may understand Allah"s message. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) says" the best amongst you who learn Quran and teach it". Quran learning process consists of some steps 1. Quran Reading 2. Translation 3. Explaination Now, let"s discuss all above steps one by one Quran Reading/How to Learn Quran It is our religious responsibility to get the knowledge about Quran reading. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) says" indeed Allah likes to be read Quran as it is sent down". More over, according to Islamic teachings we must recite Quran according to Arab"s accent. It should not be taken lightly. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) says "some reciters of the Quran are those who recite the Quran but Quran curses upon them. Because they are not reciting Quran as it is required. It will be then, when we follow Tajweed rules. What is Tajweed? In simple words, we can say, Quran recitation with original sounds of letters is Tajweed. Translation Quran is the message of Allah and it is in Arabic. How can we understand the message when we are unable to translate it in our own language? Translation is the key for knowing Allah"s demand Explaination After translation it is compulsory to know what is actual meaning of Allah against each ayah. This thing can be understood by Ilm-ul-tafseer. From where should we get Quran Teacher? A number of institutions are working for this purpose. We are running an online institute to deliver Quranic education. This institution is a great gift for those people who are living far from mosques. Now they can learn islam from their homes. Many courses like quran reading, memorizatation, translation of the holy quran, Tafseer/explaination, Arabic grammar are being offered with male and female Quran teachers. You do,nt need to go anywhere. For online Quran reading you need a computer with mic and a D.S.L connection. Children, elders, boys and girls all muslims can join our classes. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Get free three days trial. Many muslim families are learning here with fully satisfaction. They have got command over these courses. For detail please visit .myquranteaching.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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