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Erdos "city tourism experience season" construction of a new pattern of regional cooperation in Tourism – zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in September 14, Erdos (Zhang Jinxian Wu Yana) "after Ordos know Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, Xiangshawan, Mongolian wedding representative, did not expect to play in Dongsheng city there are many places, it is suitable for short time travel and vacation." Cao Li, a travel agency in Datong, Ordos, said to reporters in Shanxi. 14, Ordos city tourism experience season has officially started a week, the traditional western city resources Chinese it will elaborate on the other side — creative city culture and tourism resources, fully demonstrated in front of the guests. In recent days, from Beijing, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia, the city’s Tourism Bureau, travel companies in Ordos City, a local tourist landscape and scenery. Kangbashi new city landscape, Ulan Lake Square, Mulun cultural and Creative Industry Park, joy to the world, and some other city traffic nine palace within one hour of tourist attractions, let people visit children no longer feel tired drive, but can easily experience the charm of a city. Of course, the purpose of this trip is also very clear, that is, through the experience of feelings, suggestions and other ways to promote new tourism cooperation between neighboring provinces. The regional cooperation mechanism consultation forum will be held during this period, Ordos City area neighboring the relevant government departments, enterprises will promote travel propaganda, culture, tourism, sports and other areas of regional cooperation, and Ordos official initiative: through line boutique travel formulation, send each source, product development and the formation of incision. Regional coordinated development pattern, the establishment of regional cooperation mechanism of normalization. Erdos Municipal People’s government, said Li Guojian, vice mayor of Ordos attaches great importance to the development of cultural tourism industry, the cultural tourism industry as the city’s economic and social transformation and development focus. "The city tourism season, aims to showcase Dongsheng District, Kangbashi district and the surrounding area of the city and local customs and practices. In particular, as the core area of the city of Dongsheng, Inner Mongolia’s first national tourism standardization demonstration area, the city’s infrastructure has been improved, tourism products continue to enrich." Li Guojian said. It is understood that in a few days of experience, a number of travel agencies around the Ordos City signed a relevant agreement, and other attractions in the city of regional cooperation planning. (end)相关的主题文章:

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