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Our sister Wei Daxun "love 2" mutual choking premiere was praised – Entertainment Sohu and Sohu who read the script around our entertainment news last night, by the Hunan satellite TV, days of entertainment media jointly produced through the love drama "love theme shuttle Millennium 2: Exchange" Moonlight in Hunan satellite TV broadcasting, and played only the sun Wei Daxun and Sun Qilong played from the first set with mutual choke, the distribution of assets between siblings because of injustice in the hostile relations between grandma. But surprisingly, each other two people NiYiYan I a language, causing a lot of friends lamented: "this is me with my brother everyday ah!" The play, as a play on our sister firepower, domineering strong woman aura filled the screen, not only expose brother drunk driving "Scar", all the way from the living room to the car to lift back, full energy. The barrage is full of wit and humour: "only 20 years younger brother sun attention cut" "every dead brother had a mother with the same sister with me. My brother is the same". But after arriving at the hospital, the atmosphere of happiness was halted, Grandma had all of the shares will be given to his brother, but he did not give this wholeheartedly in the cause of my sister, also said: "the sun only crying because I am not a man?" Sibling relations due to unfair property distribution completely deadlocked. And played the role of a great contrast, this is our debut role not only to show a strong woman, a women in the workplace capable and resolute, and actor tit for tat, from the company at home everywhere, strong performance, the tender "Shanghai woman" and indeed is not a small challenge. Talking about the role and their span is so large, how to find the feeling of the characters, and the actors said occupation is the charm of different life experience, rather than a character in gentle girl image, more willing to explore their potential observation. Funniest siblings are many, and also jokes from them and learn valuable experience.   相关的主题文章:

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