Overseas travel to understand the purpose of the country’s culture and regulations to eliminate unci-remonstrate

Objective to understand the Chinese culture and overseas travel regulations to prevent uncivilized behavior – Beijing before the 8 Nanjing tourists in Jeju Island hit a local restaurant owner in the video on the Internet to spread and cause concern. Uncivilized behavior occurs when traveling abroad is not uncommon, but the plot is serious to the fight is not much. With the rapid development of economy, the improvement of national income, outbound travel into the homes of ordinary people. Last year, the number of outbound tourism in China reached 133 million, according to a report released by the China Tourism Research Institute, in 2016 the number of outbound travel is expected to grow by an annual rate of 11.5%, will reach up to 133 million passengers. It is worth noting that the national outbound travel time not only with money, but also with dignity! In view of our country’s law, cultural traditions, customs and habits are not very understanding, once made a special thing, it is trivial to provoke a joke, led to the lawsuit can not be worthy of the upper body. Below, follow Xiaobian look outbound what behavior should pay attention to: 1, do not wear into the village, improper dress we have freedom of choice, but when we are in different places, also should do as the Romans do. For example, in a religious place, dress should reflect respect a humble attitude, dress should not be too frivolous open. Respect is a kind of attitude. 2, ignoring the provisions of the prohibition of photography, a lot of museums, art galleries or cultural heritage landscape, there are signs that prohibit photography". Therefore, we need to remind everyone, do not ignore the ban on photography, it is not the camera’s bother, these beautiful heritage can be kept intact in the world. 3, only speak English, do not try to speak the local language English is indeed widely used language. But try to use the language of the country will be more cordial. Next time you go to France, try to use "Bonjour" "Merci" to communicate with others. Learn how to use simple language and use it correctly, and you may be surprised by the enthusiastic response from local people. 4, without understanding the local customs will be criticized, no practice no right to speak". Not living in a place for a period of time is not qualified to judge their cultural customs. Openness, tolerance and self reflection are the principles that any citizen should cherish. Questions need to be based on understanding. 5, do not tip some facts in life, you can not change. For example, the sky is blue, such as in the United States dining room you have to pay the bill as a waiter tip 15%-20%. Even in your own country to tip is not important, but the tip is common courtesy country, please tip according to the rules. 6, regardless of location, excessive bargaining transactions in the market, bargaining is an art, is also an interesting thing, but too much bargaining can not achieve the expected effect will be very rude. In order to bargain, people tend to habitually prick for goods but belittle, counterproductive, this behavior will cause resentment of the people of Europe and the United states. 7, the behavior is not good, the image is not good to maintain humility, courtesy, and.相关的主题文章:

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