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Pa Pa Paris head row with four female stars what jewelry fashion week is one bright spot, star studded. The Paris fashion week, is the last stop, but also the longest station show up. Today, a riot of colours, the dazzling show has become an independent school, just look at the first brand CHANEL jewelry accessories have to touch O sister heart the softest place, the overall shape of collocation big jewelry accessories, it is unable to stop……. However, this is not care O sister show these ~ but the star who the baby partly hidden and partly visible! This does not, in the last leg of the Paris Fashion Week show the brightest star is energetic, do the last fight! Jewelry as a finishing touch, you want to know how they made it? Word days, the United States turned over…… Local time on October 4th morning, the stars gathered in the Chanel show pose, jewelry accessories is to let them unlimited scenery. Popular queen Bai Baihe jewelry collocation is suction eye of numerous red and white striped pants, trouser legs hit the color green coat, instant leg length 1 meters 8, how about this look? In addition, CHANEL BOY· FRIEND Beige (Beige) senior jewelry gold watch with CHANEL Coco Crush "series ring phase overlap the popularity, the color is more outstanding, so this dress looks more personality. Show pony brother gives shines with wood, the entire look seemed to foil her jewelry, white coat small dew shoulders with her air bangs, wow, is full of the breath of the girl. Liu Xuan Paris fashion week, the whole shape is properly. Smartly, the gas field is very strong, since the sports world fought fashion circle Liu Xuan momentum is still unabated. Grey calfskin with blue dial TIFFANY EAST WEST watch is to make the whole people with the handsome, suction eye of full marks. King Song Jia was out of the ordinary fashion, Paris fashion week on various types of clothing was playing out of the flowers, do not follow the routine play that can, it is still a very stylish mix of jewelry, Tiffany simple rings are to let her take a taste of Song Jia. The Chloe art jewelry in her black dress collocation, is extremely fresh, exaggerated design also makes her body more color, and that is not the same group of coquettish bitch le. Paris fashion week Christian Dior special show Ni Ni but as the only China actor was invited to view the show. Wearing today although it is a simple One Piece Look, but at the same time more is to outline the body curve into the vitality and sense of hierarchy, noticed her DIOR TRIBALES series DIOR LA MINI D pearl earrings and DE DIOR SATINE series? Gentle pearl with the Yellow 18K watch, is to let her a more intellectual and elegant.相关的主题文章:

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