Chinese brides in Japan divorce rate as high as 40% into life difficult vstart

China bride in Japan: the high divorce rate of 40% into a difficult life lead: the number of international marriage Chinese and Japanese, since 1996 has been in the first Japanese international marriage. Japanese China married daughter-in-law, they live? A couple of happy Chinese and Japanese couples, Chinese wife came to Japan in 2000. The statistical data of the labour ministry showed that the number of Japanese transnational marriage for the first time in 2000 exceeded million mark, accounting for almost 1/3 of Japan’s national international marriage. 1993, take the Japanese spouses permanent residence green card visa for the Chinese people (mostly women) is still less than thirty thousand people, by the year 2008 has greatly exceeded the 100 thousand army. According to the Heilongjiang Provincial Foreign Affairs Office Chinese Fangzheng county to provide the data, in 2011, the county has more than 200 women married to Japan every year, more than the total number of new year Fangzheng County marriage registration 1/10. Divorce rate is high: 40% of the couples are scattered, "I was on the impulse of the past 15 years, gave his life a bet." Li Aiping, founder of the founder County, after 15 years of marriage, she said, "it’s a good bet." In 1999, up 24 year old Li Aiping and her ex boyfriend, downhearted. My boyfriend is Japanese orphans offspring, was about to move to Japan, his mother thought Li Aiping poverty, brothers and sisters, and there is no Japanese Foundation, a burden for his son’s life to get married. In the breakup, Li Aiping had a thought: "since Japan is so good, that I also want to go to japan." Then, Li Aiping found the international matchmaking friends, pay 40 thousand yuan intermediary fees, then chose the Japanese husband from several Japanese men’s photos and resume. Today, Li Aiping has been in the founder of the parents to buy a house in Sanya, but also allow parents to go to Hainan in winter to winter. Japanese friends have told Li Aiping, in general, Japanese men marry Chinese women, marriage is difficult to stabilize, every three couples will have a divorce. According to statistics, the Japanese Ministry of health since 2003, Sino Japanese transnational marriage divorce rate as high as 40%. Li Aiping, who is fortunate to be lucky, is now the mother of two children. Although the marriage is not Everything is going smoothly. Li Aiping laughed, he had several runaways, take refuge in Tokyo aunt, her aunt in the early 1990s as one of the orphans living back in japan. Li Aiping arrived in Japan on her first child, spent seven years as a full-time housewife, until the child after primary school to find work, when she was 32 years old, began to do some simple work in the electronics factory assembly line. Although Li Aiping went to Japan to start learning Japanese, but also invited the Taiwanese tutor, but she said he has not been able to integrate into the Japanese society, but to accept the living habits in japan. Feeling weak: contradictions with the development of the Japanese city of stuffed murder and a declining birth rate, the population in rural areas decreased, and many rural girls do not want to marry the farmer, poured into the city, facing the Japanese rural male marriage difficult problems become more serious. Length of Japanese rural households相关的主题文章:

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Psychology of love and marriage 4 strokes into a halo halo of the goblins (Figure) 下北glory days

Love and marriage Psychology: 4 strokes into a dizzy halo man’s goblins (Figure), the trick into the halo of the man who will be a woman to make money, many women will live, not much more than 4. Can be more attractive, more and more taste less. If a woman does not want to be only in the middle age was the end of the outcome, to become the old age of yesterday, it must be carefully planned to form a blueprint for their own lives. Fate from your pattern, the pattern requires four foundations, with the following four foundations, you can become more and more flavor, in order to lay the foundation for a happy life. First, the taste of beauty and charm for women, beauty and charm, that is the source of their self-confidence. How to grow with the years, will not become old, boring, but the charm of the continuous increase in the continuous upgrading of beauty, from inside to outside to continue. Taste from women consciously cultivate character. This character contains about love, cherish, know yourself, also know how to respect other people, especially the heart and tolerance. Two, taste from the accumulation of wealth, which is the focus of career choice, but also a guarantee of life. Women should have their own career, inner confidence will increase. Three, taste from knowledgeable women, will continue to increase the beauty, but also increase self-confidence, but also understand the art of love. What is a big vocabulary, a woman’s mind and cover and contain everything, pattern, largely relating to. A woman who has no knowledge, and is hard to be sure to be more and more attractive. Four, women should know how to taste from the emotional exchanges all have their own friends, mentors, coaches, but also have their own little sisters, but also have their own brother, but also have their own funding or support of the people. Only in this way can we form a cycle of emotion, so that life can always have a moving content. The four is alternate, continuous learning progress will make your mind to accommodate the world pattern. Women want to stand in this society, in addition to the intrinsic root, but also the external three boxes. The first box: box to talk about money very vulgar, but no money is can’t do anything. A financially independent woman can talk about personality independence, only the personality of the independent woman has love dignity. Do not wait for someone else to choose you at home, to make their own living value, and so out of the fate of the spell is the life. Second boxes of books: a walk is the most beautiful woman in wisdom and confidence. Sanmao said: "reading more, changing the face of nature, most of the time, he might have seen that many books have no memory, as trassient as a fleeting cloud, in fact it is still a potential temperament, conversation, in the mind of the infinite, of course, may also appear in the life and letters." The temperament of a woman needs to precipitate life experience and knowledge. The third case: the woman must be responsible for the appearance of her face. Today’s society is the eye of the economic era, even if you have more internal, if the first glance did not give a good impression on the other side, you may miss the opportunity to learn more about you. But not only learning dressed woman is beautiful, let a person feel no idiot ".相关的主题文章:

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The camp of high-speed traffic in 2018 in Dazhou by car to Chengdu only 3.5 hours 霍金hawking

The camp of high-speed traffic in 2018 Dazhou just 3.5 hours drive to Chengdu recently, the battalion of freeway construction mobilization will be held. Chengdu Huachuan Highway Construction Group Limited company chairman, President Xie Yingwen and the group leader, the battalion of company executives and other responsible persons attended the meeting, announced that the battalion of freeway officially started construction, and strive to achieve the main line opened at the end of 2018. The same day, according to the operating speed the overall project schedule, deputy general manager of the company Zhao Xuechun camp conducted a briefing on the progress of the preparatory work for the project, and given the value of the target before the Spring Festival and the image of progress to each section. Then each section is responsible for the construction to prepare reports on the situation, and that will sprint, one hundred percent completed construction. Prior to this, President Xie Yingwen went to the three Control Engineering Battalion of Dazhou section of high-speed interchange, river, stone bridge, Tieshan tunnel project resident, the mixing station and the construction site for inspection. On the project line, the project management personnel, construction organization plan, such as the preparation of a detailed understanding of the situation, and for the first time clearly pointed out the problems, do the work of the deployment. After listening to the report after the situation, Xie Yi Ming solemnly declared: camp high speed across the board officially started, and strive to achieve the opening of the main line by the end of 2018! According to the actual situation of the project time and heavy task, an important part of Xie Yingwen on various engineering construction management made a comprehensive deployment, with particular emphasis on the construction organization, quality control, safety management, informatization construction, clean government and the building of enterprise culture. It is understood that the camp was high in Sichuan province is the focus of the project, the main line length of 92.167 kilometers, from Yingshan County town of stone town, Sichuan Dazhou City District ended. After the completion of the project, will form a new East, north to facilitate the passage of Sichuan, Dazhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other counties to better integrate into the economic circle, is of great significance. By then, will shorten the Dazhou to Chengdu highway mileage of about 110 km, from Dazhou to drive to only need to be 3.5 hours.相关的主题文章:

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The French overlord reduced to 1 in the Bundesliga team record wonderful worm away stunned passers-b

The French overlord reduced to 1 in the Bundesliga team record wonderful worm away stunned Paris passers-by under the Aimeilizhi as expected Beijing time on October 28th, Friday once again hit the lottery. The state of instability at the Lille Paris, Longmen Xing home court against Frankfurt, the Spanish Royal Society Eli Gane J dish chicken pecking. Which team is bravery, which team to look at the small cold, big data how to say. [see small lottery winning rookie, increase the prediction of 1 yuan & charge 2500 to send 2500] Paris and no longer road loss rate of 80% with the departure of Ibrahimovic pan and coach Emeri white, Paris new season has been the lack of stability, performance is also a lot less than in previous years, the only product 20 points ranked third in france. The new season of the 5 round games, Paris 3 wins and 2 losses, while in the road, Paris is 1 wins and 4 loss, lose rate as high as 80%, after the team Yunan Lorient (lost away rate 100%). This time away in Lille, Paris, although the strength and the track are dominant, but consider Paris is still in the running stage, still need to prevent the occurrence of unexpected. Borussia home court home court is quite good — a trend which cannot be halted Borussia Moenchengladbach is the famous "wonderful" Bundesliga team, who will dare to win away from home court, who would lose power, a great contrast, people loaded mesh tongue. The new season, Borussia still maintained this tradition, home court 3 wins and 1 draws unbeaten away 1 flat 3 negative to 1 wins. The campaign against Borussia Frankfurt road force general, pony would strive to 3 points. Dish chicken pecking ended Eli Gane J’s social decadent state score of only 53 points, Eli Gane J home court 3 game losing streak, the royal society 3 straight away, so the two teams will play a game on Friday morning, said that the dish chicken pecking a little too much. Small strength index shows that the status of Eli Gane J score is only 53, the attack strength score of 61, while the offensive efficiency is as low as 45. It can be seen that promoted the strength of the players is not up to the standard of La Liga, facing the rich experience of the Royal Society, I am afraid is fraught with grim possibilities.相关的主题文章:

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Jia Zhangke was appointed dean of the school of film about star high paycheck actor innocent enterta jiqingwuyuetian

Jia Zhangke was appointed dean of the school of film about star high paycheck: actor Jia Zhangke at the Shanghai entertainment Sohu innocent – the Vancouver film school 2016 graduation ceremony of Jia Zhangke Jia Zhangke as president of the Shanghai Vancouver film school came to accept the appointment of Sohu entertainment news (ShangHai Railway Station Ma Rongling chart article) in August 27th, Shanghai Vancouver film school 2016 graduation ceremony ended, the director Jia Zhangke attended. The day before the CCTV broadcast "price paid" special news, the actor paid phenomenon was reported and criticized, in this regard, Jia Zhangke said: "the actor is innocent, this is the result of the market." The scene, Jia Zhangke came to accept the letter of appointment, officially became president of the Shanghai Film Academy of the Vancouver post. In the new president’s speech, Jia Zhangke said, as the president of the Shanghai Film Academy in Vancouver, he is part of his dream of teaching. He hoped that on the basis of the college from North America high quality teaching resources, and then invite professionals from around the world to join the movie film education, culture Chinese movie rookie, more sophisticated, more ambitious works for the film industry, hope for the future and colleagues to school some six professional R & D continue to run. The new subject, meet the Chinese film, Asian film talent, hope to create the Asian film education important institutions in two to three years." The 26 minute film directed by Jia Zhangke "make a living" was selected for the forty-first Toronto International Film Festival short film unit. This is the comedy film after selected this year’s Locarno International Film Festival, once again won the international attention. Jia admitted: "I am still very happy, these years I feature films, documentaries, short films are in the film, the film is also about to be issued in the country, in the theater show." In addition, he also encouraged the young director to try to shoot the film, "the film is flexible and creative movie media, I hope that young directors choose video creation, not to be staring at the two hours of film, film, film does not mean that there is not much audience." The discussion about the actor price paid since the day before, CCTV streams of people busily coming and going, focusing on this topic, the domestic actors paid phenomena had been reported and criticized, such as "Yi Zhuan" mentioned two main men Wallace Huo and Xun Zhou gets together a total of 150 million, and the circle of several popular niche frequently play 8000 to 120 million of the fee, causing serious production funds occupied, screenwriter, dubbing and other staff remuneration is very low, resulting in film and television drama story more and more ugly, no money field framing. In this regard, Jia Zhangke said: the actor is innocent, this is the result of the market. Such demand in the market, in order to push high paycheck. I think the most important thing is to make Chinese film from the rapid growth of barbarism, become rational down, the overall environment in a good ecological inside, all aspects can be reasonable. I don’t think it’s a question of actors."相关的主题文章:

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