Pakistan Temple explosion killed at least 52 dead and 100 injured extremist groups claimed responsib-candle june

Pakistan Temple explosion at least 52 dead and 100 injured extremist groups claimed responsibility – Beijing, Beijing, November 14, according to foreign media reports, local time 12 days, a temple in Pakistan in southwestern Baluchistan province exploded, killing at least 52 people were killed, more than and 100 people were injured, extremist groups claimed responsibility for the explosion. According to reports, when the explosion occurred, many religious believers in this temple has a history of more than 500 years of religious activities. The injured were taken to a local hospital, including many women and children. Local media said the explosion was made by a teenage suicide bomber, but this statement has not been officially confirmed. It is reported that the attack was the third attack in the region within the next 3 months. Previously, in Baluchistan province, a government spokesman said the explosion occurred in the night, and the temple is located at the top, causing great difficulties to the rescue, the government may use helicopters to transport heavy casualties. He said the number of casualties could rise further. Pakistan’s prime minister, Sheriff, condemned the bombing and said it would eradicate the militants hiding in the country.相关的主题文章:

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