Pandas live BlizzCon jasonzhou victory in the quarter finals mentalist

Pandas live BlizzCon Jasonzhou victory in the quarter finals BlizzCon 2016 hearthstone project group phase has been completed, the two China contestants will advance meet in the quarter finals, brutal derby. Talent shows itself from the group of death panda live – signing anchor hearthstone legendary heavyweight eStarJasonzhou, always with a confident smile whenever the curry God of war, the first to face in the knockout stage of the match will be the same from China ham katsushiro.   panda live "India ares" Jasonzhou victory after qualifying akimbo group phase after the end of the interview with the panda live in front of reporters have also had the opportunity to find the Jasonzhou interview, interview with Jasonzhou in the process of expression is relaxed, still maintain their confidence in India style. A group phase outlet, how do you feel now? What do you want to share with the fans?. Jasonzhou: a promotion or very happy, especially the breakout from the group of death, the two are their own occupation slightly dominant cases, the prince is the favorite for winning this competition, I believe many fans to have his press card package, the smooth line, in addition to their steady play, the most important thing is to rely on water friends a tainted milk. I hope the fans will continue to support my opponent, and send me to the final. (laughs) what are some of the most impressive matches in the group stage, which opponents are the most difficult to overcome? Jasonzhou: the deepest impression is the group stage and the prince of the field, first of all, and the prince of seed players, I have to adjust their mentality. When 0-2 is backward, I resisted the pressure, although the duel, Prince of card games better than me a lot, but I feel of each link is still in place, you win, in the mind a step further.   in the unfavorable situation 0 2 behind the prince, the warrior Jasonzhou horn sounded offensive after the knockout, how do you prepare for the situation now? Jasonzhou: now, my mind is still relatively good, the next game against the national dress of ham Shiro, I will do some adjustments in the deck, if the honor from the rest of the eight qualify, I will not fear some opponents. In the United States some of the fun, and we share the Jasonzhou: This is the most happy to meet many of the same love hearthstone game player chat with them, it is very happy, especially Cydonia is a very nice guy.   the fans would like to ask you to come back from the United States, when the launch? They can’t wait to see them. If you can get your autograph, they’ll be happier. Jasonzhou was going to come back as soon as the launch, but recent dental pain, so come back to see a tooth, or it may be what the latest pull teeth for a week. As for souvenirs, I am sure I will not forget the pandas live water friends, I would like to go back before we bring some live benefits.   A group first body;相关的主题文章:

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