Parents help children steal uniforms education way too special

Parents help children to steal uniforms "too special education" Yangzi Evening News Network September 15th hearing on the 14 day at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Ms. Zhang public report called for help, Pukou bridge area their children uniforms was stolen, now monitor has photographed the thief, ask the police to help her find the scene after the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the Taishan village police station the scene. Ms. Zhang told police, she put the child’s good morning wash uniforms hanging in front of their homes, the afternoon to work, think of the clothes into the home, but the clothes and found less of her daughter’s school uniforms, only thought was lost, and find out. A look is not, this wonder, so many clothes are not less, but the school uniforms, some people deliberately stole? Because of their own side of the house just monitoring. She came to the area to view the monitor from the morning sun clothes slowly view, has been to see 11:30, found a motorcycle over, the man stole the clothes, the whole process has a look is deliberately stolen. Alarm man said: this man should be his children’s school uniform is lost, just think of stealing their home, because the child is in Pukou foreign language school, the school uniforms are a sample. She has a child teacher called, because the child every day to wear uniforms to school, do not wear uniforms to school, she is two this summer, stole. The teacher also said that the school uniforms are not redundant, to order only the next semester before. The police came to the control room, monitoring on a clear record, man riding a motorcycle came to the front of her house stopped in front of her house looked around and found no one, the clothes hanger looked at the clothes, pretending to call, no one will see the last clip on the clothes off, immediately pulled down clothes. Walked to the side put the clothes in the motorcycle trunk. Then the property transferred out a few position monitoring, are clearly recorded the man’s face. Police said that the man in time to return the clothes, she will not pursue. Police also remind the man, because of his children must be read in Pukou foreign language school, it is detrimental to the image, if you refuse to return to school, will ask the teacher to help find, when the ugly.相关的主题文章:

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