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People’s Daily: Spicy commentary "yes" — when the teacher can’t view now, more and more teachers do not want to dare to criticize the students. The reason is mainly the parents do not understand and do not support that many teachers hold "everything from Duode" mentality, to be criticism and education, students should be punished or even open eyes closed eyes, as a "nice", a taste of praise and encouragement, criticism and education has become the campus "minefield". It is true that the encouragement of education is the current field of education to promote more educational ideas, encourage children can help establish self-confidence, more conducive to personality development. But encourage education is not education concepts and methods in all, giving the "carrot" at the same time, with the appropriate "stick" necessary to remind and criticism is also very necessary, studies have shown that over reward is weaken children willpower "sugar coated bullet" inappropriate "praise will devour child". Encourage teachers to use criticism in praise at the same time, to let the teachers have emboldened criticism. On the one hand, the need to strengthen the awareness of the rules, the system will rely on the backing, criticism and education and corporal punishment and corporal punishment in disguised form will distinguish, anomie distinguish and science education; on the other hand, legal compliance when teachers encounter parents created a scene, and the Department in charge of the school to avoid the approach of "half hearted", can not let teachers should not bear responsibility. Of course, to enhance the ability to work, the use of a reasonable way, will encourage education and criticism of education with organic, but also need teachers to explore in practice. Education is the greatest living conscience, caring teachers’ sense of professional security is to safeguard the interests of children’s education. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 25 August 17 Edition) (commissioning editor Wang Qian and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章:

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