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UnCategorized There are millions of people who are suffering from periodontal disease, which affects their teeth and gums; unfortunately many don’t even know it – are you one of them? Periodontal disease is an oral infection of the surrounding tissues that support your teeth in your mouth. Plaque-forming bacteria, which grows in your mouth, causes periodontal disease. Brushing and flossing are important actions, which discharges quite a bit of plaque. However, it’s not possible to rid your mouth completely of plaque. The plaque that remains hardens into what is known as tartar. A buildup of tartar that collects under the gums can cause serious irritation and even lead to infection, which opens the door to gum disease. But this unhealthy condition is preventable with proper care. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a reminder often given to the public by the Pennsylvania Dental Association. There are two stages in periodontal disease: gingivitis and periodontitis. Inflammation begins at first as gingivitis sets in during the early stage of periodontal disease and bacteria forms between the tooth and the gum. The good news is that in this stage, periodontal disease can often be reversed if the patient follows a strict routine of daily brushing and flossing. If left untreated, periodontitis, the more advanced stage of periodontal disease, can develop, causing irreversible damage to the gums, teeth and surrounding bones. Periodontitis is more serious because the tissue that holds the teeth to the bone is destroyed, causing tooth roots to be exposed and increasing decay, inflammation and receding gums, resulting in possible tooth loss. There are quite a number of factors that will increase your risk of developing periodontal disease, especially the use of tobacco. Other remaining factors include diseases such as diabetes, or even certain types of medications which include: oral contraceptives, steroids, and even drugs that are used in therapy for cancer. In addition to this there are physical factors like; a bridge that no longer fits snug, crooked teeth, fillings and even pregnancy. As pointed out by an expert of general dentistry and reported in research, coronary artery disease is twice as likely to develop in people with gum disease. The researchers theorize that bacteria from the mouth hitch a ride in the bloodstream, attaching to the heart’s blood vessels via fatty plaques and causing dangerous, damaging clots to form. The following are tips offered by experts to both maintain optimal dental health and the prevention of periodontal disease. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. This is important because after you remove food from the surface of teeth by brushing, flossing removes other residue from areas that a toothbrush can’t reach. You should also get a new toothbrush when the one you’re using becomes frayed, usually every few months. Another way to help keep reduce tooth decay is by the use of flouride toothpaste and antibacterial mouth rinse. Your diet should be well-balanced. Every day, plan meals that use foods from the five food groups: grain, dairy, fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry. It is important to see the dentist for a checkup of your teeth and gums and a cleaning every six months. If you think you’re developing signs of periodontal disease, don’t wait for your checkup to ask your dentist – call the office immediately. The symptoms of periodontal disease are: tender gums, swollen gums, bleeding gums, gums that receded from the tooth, bad taste in the mouth, loose permanent teeth, separating teeth, chronic bad breath, alterations in tooth alignment, pus present between the tooth and the gums when you press on your gums, changes in how your partial dentures fit. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your dentist immediately. About the Author: By: Shirley B. Dudley – There are times when an urgent care clinic is preferred over the emergency room. By: Helen Phillips Cockrell – Primary care physicians play a needed role in health care. Find one in Germantown, MD. By: Shirley G. Dudley – A subscription membership practice means better medicine. Find one in Matthews, NC. By: Kylie Weber – Headed to Vegas for Thanksgiving? Then you’ve got to try a Grand Canyon heli tour! Flights available every day during this popular holiday. Seats are limited so RSVP soon. Get more information. 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