Philippine President B plans to change Du Ritter Techeng exposure a target for all Military Channel whereisip

Philippine President B plans to change "Du Ritter Techeng exposure – Sohu a target for all military channel data figure: Philippines’s new president Rodrigo? Walter in June 30th at the Philippines presidential palace maraca Nangong officially sworn in as the sixteenth president of Philippines. In Philippines on the South China Sea to China an occasion, President Duthel Te of Philippines is facing the danger of being power — the media rumors, long before Duthel Te was elected president of the Liberal Party, Philippines drew up a "plan B" in case of emergency: Du Techeng power’s election, the party started planning, ousted Duthel Te female, support the incumbent vice president Lani? Luobuleiduo successor; more recently rumors, witnesses at the hearing before the "Confessions", a key step is to let Duthel Te "fall". However, the "impeachment conspiracy" before the main party was denied. "Philippines star" 18, reported that vice president Robledo delivered a speech on the 17, denied that the Liberal Party had developed this plan, denounced this statement with a strong offensive". She said members of the party in the house of commons have met only once since the May election, "never talking about the current government". She also said that he joined the cabinet, the incumbent president Duthel Te has been very supportive, a good working relationship between and vice president. She believes that any attempt to impeach the president will not be successful, will only create unnecessary confusion, so that people are implicated. Recently, the B plan led to the Philippines version of the card house story set off a heated debate on social media. Someone said, Robledo denied it but a somewhat "confession"; some people are saying: "maybe the B plan is a" dud "bankruptcy…… Now, they may have adopted the upgraded version of the B++ program." But there are also people who expressed support for Robledo, that she made a statement rumor is the most "political correctness" speech, contribute to the stability of the people "". Still others point to Duthel Te, said that if the president does not make adjustments, will not wait until the "B plan" has been implemented, "suicide". In fact, the attitude of Japan and the United States to Duthel Te has gradually changed. The "Chicago Tribune" said 17, Walter elusive, his words and deeds have harmed the United States allies such as Japan and Australia region to China military tough effort. America’s national interest magazine said that for the United States, Duthel Te was the first to explicitly ask for more independent foreign policy allies. The United States government to downplay Duthel Te tough talk in Washington, said the Philippine relations too optimistic but the White House as solid as rocks. The words and deeds of Duthel Te means that the process of painful adjustment of the US Philippine relations have just begun. The Philippines is certainly very system, will not be short-term foreign not hit, but this relationship will not be like before and "special and sacred". Walter "the destroyer or savior?" "Japanese economic news" 18 as a theme that Walter had to participate in the presidential election is a "dark horse", now asean.相关的主题文章:

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