Philippine President of the United States, want to use the CIA propaganda turned me down, then come pigeon blood

Philippine President beauty propaganda: want to use the CIA turned me down, then come on — military — picture according to the "Manila times" reported on 9, Philippines president Rodrigo? Walter recently re the American Propaganda: "you want me to get out, you want to use the Central Intelligence Agency, so be it." He said that the United States will not allow the United States as a guard in Philippines. According to the letter, which was published in 6, Duthel Te said that even if he was forced to step down, it is also the fate of the arrangement, even on his honor, life and the presidency. In a speech on the 6 day, the United States will also be held in Philippines for the Philippines to help stop the argument that Philippines will not beg the United States, because without their help, but also to survive. Since the end of June ruling, Walter discord continued with the United States, Philippine relations setbacks. Duthel Te said in September that the CIA plans to assassinate him. "The Manila times" quoted the spokesman for Philippines’s president Martin as saying? Anda nal, the Philippines authorities are investigating ousted Duthel Te’s plan, but the master plan behind the people. Anda Nar said that the Philippines get from American reliable source, and whether it is a rumor or accurate information, will seriously deal with. According to another report, independent surveys show a Philippines agency released the latest, since Duthel Te took office three months, the support rate continues to rise, surveyed 76% Filipinos in the performance of Duthel Te satisfied, 11% satisfied, the vast majority of respondents were in favor of Duthel strong against criminal practices. (Xia Wenhui) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Wang Lujia Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章:

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