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Photography Photographer, Rodolfo Michel, has a series of photographic emulsions, also known as silk screening, in his portfolio of work. The process allows Rodolfo Michel to beautifully capture the human form by creating a soft ethereal effect. Photo emulsion is a liquid substance that reacts to light and exposed. The emulsion hardens and leaves behind an image. Rodolfo Michel has used this technique often and has creatively used his photography in the creation of many pieces of art. Here are Rodolfo Michel tips for photographic emulsion: Print the image you wish to use on a transparency. Rodolfo Michel suggests using a .mercial printer but if you do not have one at your residence, try a nearby .mercial print shop. Follow emulsion mixing directions. Your local art store sells photo emulsion kits containing a large bottle of emulsion and a small bottle of sensitizer. Follow mixing directions exactly, you dont want the residue to coagulate. Prep your screen. The bottom side is where the screen is flush with the wood. You can also buy ready made screens, if you like. Find a dark place. Literally. Remember that the emulsion reacts with light. Use a thin layer of emulsion on your screen. For even coverage, you can use a standard squeegee to apply the perfect amount. Prep for exposure. Assemble in the following way from the bottom up: sturdy piece of cardboard, black fabric, then your screen with the bottom side up, transparency with image, and a piece of glass to hold it in place. Expose the screen. In your dark place, rig a light that you can put directly over the assembled screen. Use a 150-watt light bulb over it for about 45 minutes, rinse the screen under warm water, and prestoyou have a screen ready for printing. Rodolfo Michel uses photographic emulsion as a creative way to display his work. Give it a try in your next creative venture. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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