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PLA Hong Kong entrepreneurs exercise: no PLA will mess on 31 October, Xinhua Hongkong (reporter Xie Xiyu) China people’s Liberation Army troops stationed in Hongkong on the morning of 31 in Hongkong grey comprehensive training held "Xiangjiang guards 2016D" joint military exercises in Hongkong, more than 500 people from all walks of life to watch. This is the second time since the return of Hongkong garrison open military exercises. This exercise is a special concept, hidden secret construction camp Hongkong militants occupied the Castle Peak area, in an attempt to camp castle on the territory waiting to infiltrate and sabotage. According to the garrison command, quickly armed forces into the elite group of joint combat group, responsible for the fight against potential militants and wipe out the camp, to people’s life and property safety of the Hongkong special administrative region. 10:30, exercise curtain opened. Motorized infantry and armored forces, special forces, artillery, air force and Navy arms by turns the stage, armored vehicles, mortars, anti tank rockets, helicopters and naval firepower joint strike the enemy, the exercise will include joint assault, fire investigation, letter contact, impact,. Force and depth etc. after weijian. In about 45 minutes of exercise, the participating officers and their fighting skills and enterprising spirit has impressed the guests to watch. NPC deputies said Tian Beichen, garrison regular exercises can make Hong Kong people understand the military country, enhance national identity. Hongkong entrepreneur He Yiqiang believes that the exercise is very meaningful, it should let the young people in Hongkong to keep in mind that there is no motherland and the people’s Liberation Army, Hongkong chaos. According to reports, the exercise is part of the annual training plan of the garrison, is a joint defense campaign as the background of the armed forces joint military drill, the overall combat capability test garrison troops and combat training results, highlighting the garrison defending the security of Hongkong’s determination and ability. This year, the Garrison has organized to land defense action, maritime defense operations, air defense operations as "Hong Kong – 2016A, B, C guards" joint military drill. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章:

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