Please note that the old drivers road pengci Gang to Beijing automobile Sohu (video)-8l9840

Please note that the old drivers road pengci Gang to Beijing automobile Sohu – we should also remember that in the video, shortly before the exposure of the bicycle pengci gang at present, similar pengci group, has come to Beijing! Old drivers please note! In October 26th, Ms. Zhang along the street, (WeChat: qianjieyihao) reporter to reflect, on the afternoon of 25 his father drove in the vicinity of Shunyi Su Zhuang Qiao was "pengci", a young man with mobile phone break by their parents cheated 3800 yuan. Currently, Shunyi police are investigating. Ms. Zhang told Qian Jie, (WeChat: qianjieyihao) reporter, 25 days at 4 pm, the father Zhang drove their van in the vicinity of Shunyi Su Zhuang Qiao Road, found that there is a bus running very slow to see the road in front of a black car, after more than in front of the car, Mr. Zhang over the front car, next to a young man riding a bicycle suddenly fell, "and more", Ms. Zhang said his father make sure that he did not hit the man to continue moving forward. Followed by the slow driving of the car will be blocked by Mr. Zhang’s car, told him to hit the bike after leaving. After that, the man riding a bike asked Mr. Zhang will be sent to the hospital. "My dad said the man was about 20 years old, and he had no apparent trauma". When Mr. Zhang said there is no hospital nearby, take it to Mr. Zhang’s home near the hospital, the young man suddenly said that do not have to go to the hospital, said his apple phone was broken, asking Mr. Zhang compensation 5000 yuan. Ms. Zhang said that his father was looking at the hand of the phone screen does have two cracks. According to Zhang introduced, when his father felt overtaking first, should bear the responsibility, put the only 300 yuan to give the young man, and then drove home with money. After arriving home, Ms. Zhang’s mother will be at home 3500 yuan in cash to each other, "said the man you are not easy for my parents, that part of the remaining money do not," when asked about going to leave, the young man said to the family has been called by another mobile phone that will come to meet the family, after leaving the panic. Ms. Zhang told Qian Jie, (WeChat: qianjieyihao) reporter, the night returned home to learn this, parents may feel cheated. The second day in the morning, listening to a friend said that someone has encountered a similar situation, more convinced that their parents were cheated, so the alarm. Currently, Shunyi police are investigating the case. Reporters search found that today there are new tricks encounter pengci friends broke the news, netizens photographed pengci video display, pengci Gang first will first put a car and bike lanes separated by one side by side on the formation. After the car to be close to the front of the car to slow down the rear of the vehicle from the middle of the bike and overtaking. When the car after overtaking, the rider fell back car pengci homeopathy. (content from network)相关的主题文章:

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