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Poetry of life beauty   CI Dean will be buried in Chongqing Zhuang nu (Figure) – Chongqing Channel – people.com.cn Zhenshanmei Ci Poetry of life will be buried in Chongqing Zhuang Nu Zhuang Nu Dean Raymond Wong the son of his father’s life scene, choked several times. In October 13th, Shapingba bridge, Zhuang Nu life farewell scene, fans will be sent on behalf of elegiac couplet. This column of pictures by Su Si photo Freelance Photography       October 13th morning, Mr. Zhuang Nu life goodbye will be held in the Shapingba District Court Tangde thick Lok bridge. The farewell to life "poetry life of beauty, the melody of the times" as the theme, the creation of life to the scene of Zhuang Nu mourners to display panels, video etc.. Zhuang Nu’s son Raymond Wong told reporters, after careful consideration and consultation, the family decided to Zhuang Nu buried him in Chongqing. Speaking father, Raymond Wong several tears wet eyes, chokes me up. But his most memorable, is always adhering to the feelings of home Zhuang nu. Raymond Wong recalled that his father’s lyrics in his lifetime, has been revealed to the homeland, the deep attachment to the Chinese earth and warm yearning. In the "original" and "countryman" ridge upstream everlasting "xiaochengstory" and the lyrics, revealing his love of hometown. "When it comes to the father, a lot of people think of the most popular songs, but he doesn’t write for the sake of popularity." Raymond Wong said, in his old age, is very concerned about the public welfare Zhuang Nu and environmental protection and other fields, but also created the corresponding theme song. Such feelings come from? Raymond Wong said that this is related to Chongqing. Raymond Wong told reporters that in 1939, a Chinese News Zhuang Nu college, majoring in journalism. 1943, to participate in the Anti Japanese team Tongliang Zhuang Nu, but because of unexpected suffering from cholera cannot lead to weak when the air force, had become a literary soldiers. Since then, Zhuang Nu trained in a self-directed speech. News of the vision and succinct pen, and literary soldiers singing and dancing and choreographer ability, become the initial accumulation of lyrics of the Zhuang nu. Moreover, Chongqing is also the place of old age housing Zhuang nu. Here, Zhuang Nu has a new family, Raymond Wong is full of thanks to the new family. He said the stepmother Zou Lin to take care of his father in every possible way, he is impressed by. "My father always said that pop music lyrics are also literary creation. Today the lyrics, poetry may become the future." Raymond Wong introduced, he was finishing his father’s work, in order to record the cultural memory he left, next to the memorial concert, a musical or documentary form, recalling its setbacks and wonderful life. It is understood that Mr. Zhuang Nu life farewell will continue until 15 in the morning, the public can visit condolences. Since then, the family will be temporarily Zhuang Nu buried him in the Nanshan blessing seat.   (reporter Shen Xiaojia) (commissioning editor: Chen Yi, Zhang?)相关的主题文章:

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