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UnCategorized Phuket has long been a popular exotic holiday destination with almost all of the world’s 5 star chains having a hotel or resort located there. Places like Pattaya, Samui and Phuket are now enjoying significant rental yields during the peak season when visitors are willing to pay thousands of dollars per night to ac.modate their families in luxury villas. Villa rentals often work out cheaper and are more convenient for families and large groups of people and so are be.ing more and more popular, especially amongst European and North American’s as well as wealthy Asians seeking regular breaks from the stresses of daily life. Phuket is very controlled in terms of the planning and environment. Fittingly the market is dominated by people who invest into a lifestyle. The villas are built to specifically please foreign visitors with large open terraces that run seamlessly into large living quarters and nearly all villas include a swimming pool and excellent amenities. Despite the development on the island of Phuket, the market is still in its infancy, however is set for a large growth period. The island’s growth is guaranteed as the property is resilient to domestic economy fluctuations because most of the investment is from oversea .panies. The developers are all established and proven, with only the most professional and dedicated developers surviving the high end market. Phuket features white sand beaches, clear seas, jungle and waterfalls and no pollution making it a desirable place to holiday at. Traffic, while on the increase, is still insignificant. Over the last 10 years Phuket’s infrastructure has burgeoned with international hospitals, schools, marinas, golf courses, restaurants, bars and shopping malls, offering everything a tourist could need. Another major benefit is that 32% of the world’s population resides within 5 hours flying time of Phuket. The International airport has increased not only the number of flights from Asian capitol cities but Australasia and Europe too, making the prospect of relaxing holidays in Phuket more appealing for many people. For Europeans the lure of Phuket is helped by the fact that the Mediterranean is pricing itself out of the market for many people, so a few hours further is Phuket, providing more desirable property at a fraction of the cost of European villas. In addition to these benefits is the health system in Phuket and Thailand, again, a fraction of the cost of Europe, North America and Australasia but providing world class service without any waiting times. This provides peace of mind for all people staying in Phuket. Over the last 10 years Phuket has built up an impressive portfolio of leisure, entertainment, dining and .mercial venues, so much so, that Phuket has be.e Hong Kong’s playground. The islands golf courses are partly responsible for wooing many of these high end buyers. Phuket boasts 5 International golf courses with some of the most scenic and challenging holes in Asia. As the costs of renting property near the sea increases, many villas are now being built inland, located near these gold courses and now developments built along the green pastures of a golf course have be.e the second most popular choice for lifestyle investors. Other than the attraction of the golf course, other advantages include the seclusion of the property often closer to .mercial and entertainment venues. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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