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UnCategorized The most important rule of an Indian wedding that everyone should remember is that it’s never about the people getting married. Even though the idea revolves around holy matrimony where two people are bound for life the truth is more closely related to a social event where customs and rituals have to be followed for a successful wedding followed by marriage. As for any wedding the most important apparel for the bride is the wedding dress which .pletely depends on the location and culture the person belongs to however the most conventional and universally accepted wedding wear is a sari. If the wedding is conducted for a lady whose roots are from south India then the choice of the sari fabric should be south Indian silk from the state of Kerela. If the girl is from north India the choice of fabric should revolve around a Banarsi silk sari for socio ethnic reasons. The other acceptable wear is a "gahgra choli" also known as a "chania choli" which is essentially a long flowing skirt and a short top with a scarp. The fabric used for a ghagra choli is silk as well. The best colors to use for a wedding dress are red, orange, bright yellow, turquoise, royal blue and purple. The most .mon mistake that women make while preparing for the wedding is that they generally miss out on minute details that please them in order to make every one around happy which is not often a choice but an obligation. The greatest errors are in the choice of the kind of jewelry. Even though everyone around would be at their best to coax the bride into wearing heavy gold jewelry one must know that the ceremony lasts hours and the more jewelry on you the more weight on you and hence the more exhaustion. Hence it’s wiser to wear gold jewelry which is hollow so that it gives the effect of being solid. Most Indian food are delicacies, the only thing that one needs to make sure is that vegetarian food and no-vegetarian food is served at different tables more over the only universally acceptable meat that can be served at an Indian wedding is mutton, chicken and fish. Since most Indian wedding are considered to be the union of not only two people but that of two families all pre-wedding events must be held at both the bride and groom’s place so that both families get to know each other. As for the expenses for Indian weddings sky is the limit. The more grand you make it the more the expenses sore. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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