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The price to sell 838 thousand Nissan SUV top! Why so capricious? – Sohu automobile Sohu [car] truth laboratory in September 28th, Dongfeng Nissan 2017 patrol officially listed, the price of 838 thousand yuan, while the previous 2016 patrol price is 798 thousand yuan, 2017 models rose 40 thousand yuan, but can not avoid the problem of the exchange rate, but after the price of 40 thousand yuan and how to upgrade? Why is this top Nissan SUV has such courage market prices? Let’s look at the new changes in the 2017 road music. 2017 patrol with respect to paragraph 2016 is only a small change, the important change is the appearance of the details of the design, the first is the headlight lamp group is adjusted, the design LED lamp into the popular, which makes it look more recognizable, but also more beautiful. The second is in addition to the front grille chrome trim originally sturdy, three horizontal chrome banners in black on the front grille, transverse stretching grille visual effect. In addition to the fog box was also a new design, adding a black bottom with silver trim, looks more beautiful. Again, 2017 patrol the 6 spoke alloy wheels of new type carving, but also adds new autumn maple maroon body color options. Finally, 2017 patrol taillights have been adjusted, the design adopts belt type lamp lamp group, compared to the previous group to join the other light more flow, stronger overall sense, the effect is good after the night light. Body size, length and width of 2017 patrol increased slightly, the height has not changed, the wheelbase reduced 1mm can be neglected, the whole body size is 5164mm 1999mm length width height 1955mm, wheelbase 3074mm, full size SUV figure belongs to the standard, ahead of TOYOTA land cruiser. The interior, 2017 patrol style consistent with the 2016 models, the control uses a large area of wood trim, meticulous workmanship. The car is still using the seven layout, and multimedia systems and the configuration of the basic comparison of the 2016 models, there is no significant improvement. Interior configuration, 2017 patrol equipped with three intelligent control screen entertainment system, 13 speaker BOSE audio system, high fidelity three regional independent automatic air conditioning, 6.0L double open car refrigerator, full space surrounded by luxurious atmosphere lamps and other luxury configuration, improve its comfort. Power system 2017 patrol also no obvious upgrade, but its use of VK56 V type 8 cylinder engine, at the same level already belongs to the high level of configuration, the maximum power and peak torque respectively 398 HP and 555 nm · meters. Transmission matching is a 7 speed manual gearbox. It is worth mentioning that the 2017 models for the domestic market in China to achieve displacement optimization and upgrading, to meet the national five emission standards. 201.相关的主题文章:

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