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To promote Sino US travel together win-win and common development of   create a new era of communication — the Travel Channel original title: to create a new era of "new tourism exchange is autumn color, plug grass is Feng rong. Qi fruit tree coral jade peak, lanshan." In this beautiful season, the 2016 China Tourism and national tourism to promote the global high-level dialogue will be held in Ningxia, this is a major event in our region, is an international event. People from all walks of life in Ningxia and China warmly welcome Chinese and foreign guests to gather together and feel the unique charm of Ningxia! Tourism is the bridge of communication between civilization, culture and friendship, and it is also an important indicator of the improvement of people’s living standards. The 2016 China Tourism dialogue is one of the important results of the implementation of the general secretary Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States last year, is a major measure of the international and domestic development trend, focus on strengthening Sino US pragmatic cooperation, and it is also one of the series of activities of China Tourism year. It is of great significance for us to speed up the cooperation between China and the United States, in order to speed up the construction of Ningxia, promote the development of tourism resources in Ningxia, and enhance the external influence of Ningxia. General secretary Xi Jinping visited Ningxia this year, said: "the border is becoming more and more beautiful, breeds new hope." Since the reform and opening up, the rapid economic and social development in our region, the overall strength has improved significantly, significant changes in urban and rural areas, a prosperous and harmonious beauty of Ningxia frequently appeared in the international arena, has become a new name card Chinese opening. The Ningxia region is small and beautiful, strong and fresh tourism features, known as the "China tourism miniature bonsai". After 30 years of development, the rapid growth of the scale of the tourism industry, the main market is unceasingly rich, set up "the southern frontier? The magic Ningxia" brand image. Especially in recent years, the regional party committee and government proposed to create a global tourism demonstration region (province), create a distinctive international tourism destination, and vigorously promote the "inland open, tourism first" strategy, Ningxia tourism development into the fast lane". Now, standing at a new starting point, our region tourism development is facing new opportunities, but there are still some problems and shortcomings, more need to open and tolerant attitude, broad vision, with the world, the dialogue with the world, and the world shaking hands. The 2016 Sino US high-level dialogue and national tourism comprehensive tourism will promote the success of Ningxia is a new window to the world, is a gateway to the international stage for the "pass", is a great opportunity to expand the United States market, expand the Ningxia tourism in the world awareness, enhance the influence. The region should attach great importance to the Sino US high-level dialogue around tourism "mutual learning and common development, create a new era of" China Tourism Exchange theme, carefully carry out activities, unique and practical results, add more channels to promote the development of extension results for the China tourism year, push Sino US travel together win-win and common development. To promote the Ningxia, to show the rich natural resources, beautiful scenery, unique ethnic customs, broad development potential and the good spirit of the people of all ethnic groups. The region should grasp this opportunity, speed up the construction of the Ningxia construction and the global tourism demonstration area, further promote Ningxia to the world of all-round opening up influence and appeal. )相关的主题文章:

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