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Psychology of marriage: hit the man’s heart 6 Baby Magic (Figure) hit the man’s heart 6 spoiled spoiled magic is a basic form of interpersonal communication, it is the inherent power of love, love, willing to wait for emotion. The woman will play is not the day of life is very hard to say, but the female right coquetry, is indeed one of the secret of happiness. Especially to the woman in love, is a good way to protect the appropriate spoiled feelings. Then the woman in love how to play? Most men love women, which take action? The following will be one for you, for your reference. 1, gently pinch him, beat him, violence, he wrung his tear, biting his finger, he. These feminization action, may wish to choose. 2, Lai in his arms in the cinema, on the outskirts of the path, in the open side of the square, Lai lazily in his bosom. This is a very warm approach, but also a tender trust. 3, use negative sentences like "I’m not jealous," such a negative sentence, to show your jealousy. It is the envy that makes you see that you are jealous of jealousy. The top 4, the term "hate" this is a very magnetic language, no matter what the occasion, you can play a gentle and charming woman, remember that when this attitude to the tone of gentle and lovely, add attractive effect. 5, close to each other holding the other side of the back, while holding each other’s hands. Let the body part like this first close contact and envious eyes turned up to talk to your complaining about the situation, the boys will definitely hold you at once. 6, the use of some little girl language baby language and men speak, the use of reduplicated words may be able to play a remarkable effect. Men love to see his beloved woman changes occurred in his "fantastic effect", such as tender, stupid. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章:

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