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Pu Jinhui intends to accept the prosecution investigation a constitutional history of the first one differently – Sohu news in new network on 4 November,   comprehensive Korean media reports, South Korean President Park Geun hye 4 in Chong Wa Dae, published on the national speech, again after a lapse of 10 days on the Shunshi intervention case behind the cronies Cui apology, and said that is ready to accept the truth the prosecution investigation prepared when necessary, even willing to accept the special prosecutor investigation group. South Korea is now the president announced the prosecution and special investigation is the first time. Pu Jinhui said in the conversation, clearly feel great responsibility, bring the difficult to heal trauma to the people, for the benefit of the national economy and people’s life in hopes of promoting the project, but the specific person in this process is to enrich themselves, break the law, it is heartbreaking grief, this is all my fault and the oversight. Pu Jinhui to make policy with public officials, many front-line staff and kindly help entrepreneurs feel guilty and said greatly disappointed. Park Geun hye said in Chong Wa Dae, in order to avoid the "nepotism" broke with family communication, one person alone alone, or even to find help with personal contacts, so Cui Shunshi and the old friend and get their help. Park Geun hye admitted that, because Cui Shunshi had been in the most difficult period of time guarding her side, causing her to relax vigilance. This makes it difficult for her to forgive yourself, feel sad, sleepless at night. Pu Jinhui said, will fully cooperate with the investigation in this case the truth and responsibility, the prosecution investigation should not be limited, should be based on a thorough investigation of the truth of the severely dealt with according to law. Pu Jinhui stressed that no matter who, as long as the error was found, it is necessary to take the corresponding responsibility, he has done all the responsibility to prepare. Yonhap reported that, because the constitution has provisions of punishment is not on the president of South Korea, there is no incumbent president to accept the procuratorial organ, written communications door, and any other form of investigation precedent. Politicians generally believe that in the park are demanding a thorough investigation involving corruption ordered the establishment of foundation, Cui Shunshi is involved, the president speech leaks "close door" the truth of the appeal of public opinion situation, Pu Jinhui give up criminal prosecution exemption announced to accept the prosecution investigation there was no alternative. In addition, Pu Jinhui said, the state can not have a moment to shut down, the president’s term of office is limited, but the Republic of Korea Kingdom permanent extension, in order to avoid further chaos administrative policy gaps, investigative responsibility should be undertaken by the prosecution, the government should resume work as soon as possible. At the same time, Pu Jinhui also hope that through these words euphemistically called on Congress to serve as Prime Minister for the release of the prime minister. Park Geun hye in conversation, the South Korean government and this debated, different position. South Korea’s ruling New World Party chief spokesman Lian Donglie commented that Pu Jinhui that has been well accepted by the prosecution investigation prepared when necessary, which shows that she has put down as the president’s authority, showing a strong will to find out the truth to the public apology, a matter of conscience. Lian Donglie said, it will be South Korea’s constitutional history the first South Korean President to accept the prosecution investigation, the situation is very serious. The prosecution should investigate the truth, thoroughly solve doubts, and according to the investigation results, regardless of the status of your identity.相关的主题文章:

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