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Pu Jinhui lawyers want to delay the investigation schedule of the prosecution insisted on schedule the original title: attorney Pu Jinhui want to delay the investigation schedule of Korean prosecutors adhere to schedule in new network on 15 November, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean President Pu Jinhui was appointed attorney Liu Rongxia 15 to the prosecution submitted a warrant, and suggested to delay survey park the schedule, but the prosecution insisted will act according to the original plan, at the latest 16 days of Park Geun Hye investigation. According to reports, the president is cronies intervention investigation case prosecutor special investigation department official said, Liu Rongxia submitted to the Commission, and expressed the hope that the prosecution to the study of the case of time. It is reported that Liu Rongxia is not formally put forward the request to postpone the schedule, but in order to prepare for the lack of evidence that the 16 difficult to accept investigation. In this regard, South Korean prosecutors said, still insist on the latest survey in 16, park Geun hye. However, prosecutors also said that if the president formally put forward the request to postpone the investigation time, the prosecution may accept. Previously, in charge of the investigation of the case of the special investigation department said, prosecutors believe the latest in 15 days or 16 days on Park Geun hye, and in 19 to 20 day of loyalists gate protagonist Cui Shunshi and former Chong Wa Dae for policy coordination Chief Secretary An Zhongfan, former Secretary of the Chong Wa Dae affiliated Zheng tiger into the prosecution. In addition, the prosecution has 14 to be called "the knocker confidant of Park Geun hye gang of three (in front of government publicity Secretary Ann Qingwa Fenggen, former General Secretary Li Zaiwan and Zheng Hucheng) were investigated, but has not yet found obvious. Chong Wa Dae 15 Park Geun hye as a lawyer to hire lawyer Liu Rongxia. As the legal representative of the Liu Rongxia Park, and prosecutors special investigation department of the president accepted the investigation place, time and manner of negotiation. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

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