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Quantum dot out? OLED has become the next generation of core display technology IT home recently on QD Vision’s largest shareholder divestment news from the United States and came in the display technology industry sparked huge waves. QD Vision is the main research and development of quantum dot display technology company, holding a large number of patents. The circulating in the industry of large shareholder divestment events, although has not yet been confirmed, but the quantum dot technology future dim down. At present, the first generation of quantum dot display technology is SONY, Samsung and other manufacturers for high-end LCD LCD TV, but was in the industry think is the real QLED quantum dot technology is still not into the market applications, more and more enterprises in the panel and the whole enterprise into the OLED field, LG OLED high-end television has been laid a solid foundation in the high-end market in North america. When the industry capital tends to OLED technology, QD Vision came the news, insiders generally believe that this incident will mark the quantum dot display technology in OLED and on the future of display technology competition failed completely. (picture from OFweek) (IT)相关的主题文章:

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