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Qujing long-distance high-speed rail transit: don’t be otherwise, "a big loss!" – Beijing, Beijing, Kunming, November 11, (growth group) Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail will be across the board through the end of this article, known as the country’s longest East-West line mileage of the railway artery, let Yunnan from entering the era of high-speed rail, also let the tourists at home and abroad to take the high-speed rail tour in Yunnan become a reality. As the second largest economy in Yunnan, Qujing, Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail is an important gateway to yunnan. This is the "ancient Yunnan key", the current is also fully meet and embrace the era of high-speed rail". Xinhua reporter recently visited the Yunnan Qujing, the city mayor Dong Baotong once said, a spurt of high-speed economy will bring tourism economic growth, Qujing needs to be prepared, do not "transit". This is known as the Beijing school tyrants, the mayor of Qujing tourism development issues, problems, opportunities, etc.. Talking about the project: "water kylin is just a word in the last year, 4 words" the morning of October 28th, kylin water, accompanied by the roar of the engine dadada, water on the plane began to accelerate in some distance from the coast, "a rise into the sky, hovering in the air after five minutes, a smooth landing to the apron. This marks the first success of the unicorn water village aircraft flying successfully. As the connection of Yunnan province each water complex, airport landing point, while the radiation in the southwest of the seaplane base hub, "kylin watertowns" seaplane project or will become an important tipping point of kylin region tourism in Qujing city. Dong Baotong said, kylin water project in the implementation process is round the clock, to overcome a number of difficulties, I went to see a few times, in order to successfully achieve the first flight, many times at night construction, embodies the aspects of hard work, very not easy." Talk about the opportunity high-speed rail: do not turn back into a transit area, then we have a big loss!" Turning to the upcoming high-speed rail, Dong Baotong believes that high-speed rail can be opened for the development of tourism to lay a very good foundation. Blowout type high-speed economy will bring tourism economic growth, we must have this understanding, must be prepared for this, don’t look back we opened, what did not, the last is transit, then we’ll be a big loss!" Recently by the Yunnan Provincial Tourism Committee organized a "train bound for the spring, take the high-speed rail to Yunnan" in 2016, the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail Yunnan tourism promotion activities, Qujing city launched a benefit of broad tourist activities: in December 31st of this year before traveling to Qujing, with 10 days of real and effective high-speed rail tickets proof of identity, all A-level scenic free tickets; 2017 with my ID card within 5 days and high-speed train tickets to Qujing, Luoping Kowloon waterfall group, Duoyi River scenic area, Shizong Phoenix valley scenic mountain scenic area, Luliang, from caiseshalin scenic areas of Zhanyi and the Pearl River scenic area, Huize sea grass source mountain scenic area 50 percent off tickets. Economic and social development to the present, has entered the stage of national tourism, if you do not go to the cake, then we are dereliction of duty." Dong Baotong said that the current Qujing is the most direct opportunity for the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail相关的主题文章:

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