Really can not climb out of the pond From the king to the master freelander2

Really can not climb out of the pond? What will happen to the watch master from the bronze to the master’s experience from the bronze to the master? North America anchor Ster to give you an experiment, from 1000 minutes to start a single row has been hit the diamond, all the way through the sub segment. Can’t climb out of the fish pond? Sanctions, winning? North American anchor Ster did an experiment. Ster is a famous player in TF2, the only non professional player in the world cup team. Ster recently raised the trumpet to level 25. He decided to do an experiment to see if he could crawl out of the deep sea. He hoped that through their own experience, to prove that the so-called "not to the fish pond" is not exist, not to prove your winning 50%, Dan is accurate. He live today, just launched a high: "grading to match bronze is not really easy," he grading 1 wins and 9 losses, can have four chance to kill not kill. The funny thing is, he said, "in order to make my data worse, I asked my wife to play three games". Nevertheless, he is still set at more than 1000 points. He scored 1038 points in the game. I will not elaborate on the specific process, 1000 to 1500 of the bronze was kichiku. Had stood still fighting angel, not the dead death, taking handle playing DVA (view of death), but he hit and linked to the troll (called LATIAO, do not know Chinese). In the 1000 segment Ster is really not to play, three sister door murder, battle angel get hurt gold, his use of the Genji Mccrea can carry. However, he found that she could not carry, because others can not hit her shield. The basic feeling is the bronze Bureau in the man-machine, there is no voice communication, typing is also the basic spray. Two hours after the launch, hit the silver: Silver Bureau teammates have some exchanges, every are kmap. The most valuable thing is to know the hero. Ster in this Dan make a hero, began the three most used he used the method: Chicken Mei and Anna. When his winning bonus is already high, launched three hours after the call to gold. Gold Dan, teammates have tactical awareness, understand the truth of baotuan. Ster does not want to play in this section what hit anything, but he doesn’t feel like playing the output carry Dan bureau. He was the first gold Dan to draw, then the barrage has begun to "welcome to brush out the fish (Elo Hell)". Sure enough, the next draw after the draw, ster and a tie. Difficult to fish really out of it? Fortunately, not lost when the winning bonus was not lost, Ster won two games, launched less than five hours, he succeeded to platinum. He hit the platinum, opposite the individual typing, the game can not be divided". "Yes," he replied. "I got the bronze this morning." Platinum board not only to car.相关的主题文章:

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