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Red alert! The line between the central bank China RMB approximation abdicated? This is more like a movie, one story is impressive: RMB short shot China bank polite the enemy approached the walls. The Wall Street information (micro signal: iMarkets) on Tuesday broke the original "short China hide their feeling that something is going to happen" one article, RMB short is ultimately couldn’t stop action. Just yesterday, the Central Bank of China and the RMB bear contest officially launched. The offshore renminbi Thursday fell below 6.68, approaching 6.70 warning level, if the points fall, may lead to sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate, and let the bears more brazen. At the same time the dollar in the onshore three rising abruptly. Note: the tradition is important for the RMB exchange rate. When the onshore exchange rate fell below 6.4 in December last year, the market reaction is to promote the yuan hit the biggest decline since last year’s unexpected devaluation in August. At the end of 2016 6, the yuan fell below 6.6 in the four weeks after the fall of 0.8%. The reason for this phenomenon may be that G20 Market Summit ended that the central bank will allow the yuan to depreciate, and seize the market expectations of speculators want to take the opportunity to make a pen. If the central bank to let the yuan fall of 6.7, the market will take it as a clear signal that is ready for further depreciation. The central bank didn’t really leave? According to yesterday’s Asian session traces the observed phenomenon in early trading dollars offshore renminbi selling, partly because banks flocked to the spot market to meet the demand of RMB funds. Earlier this week, the RMB trading volume in G20 after the end of the dollar was rapidly weakening, but then lost ground. The big firms in the capital in RMB fell to around 6.687 yuan after admission to sell the dollar, the exchange rate stability. Short days of silence as the enemy approached the walls, Chinese central station, unmistakably tell short – this is my site, remember to eat do not remember bring it on. Beat the short central bank to repeat the January trick to tighten liquidity (offshore renminbi liquidity in the Hongkong market) in order to fight off the RMB short. According to the Hongkong capital markets association data Thursday, Hongkong interbank RMB (CNH Hibor) jumped 388 basis points to 5.45%, reached the highest point since February. Offshore RMB $(CNH) long term implied yield curve for second consecutive days showed that upside down, tight liquidity in short-term offshore RMB market. Liquidity crunch is not a technical factor, which will likely continue until October, when the yuan is officially included in the SDR basket. So yesterday we saw the familiar scene, behind the scenes can be free to play: Hongkong interbank RMB pricing (CNH Hibor) jumped 388 basis points to 5.446%, a few months after the break the stable trend, rose to the highest point since February 19th. The response to offshore RMB short-term financing costs indicators, the average level of nearly six months in, the interest rate in January 12th rose to相关的主题文章:

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