Replace baby joined the running man explosion actress who is it

Replace Baby joined the running man explosion actress who is it? The Sina entertainment column with Angelababy boiled fat Luo Jun announced the pregnancy, and "running man" recorded a new season time approaching, who joined the baby for about a national variety of speculation has traveled throughout the entertainment circle, this time is on the list, Zheng Shuang. Prior to this, "four thousand beauty" Jingyi is caused by the Ju join hand event, will have the super suspense top hot search, then from the "insiders" there will replace the baby number of outgoing actress, but the production unit has been not to say yes or no. Some media reports said that when heard that the online news that Zheng Shuang to join the running man 5, the staff responded: we do not know this thing!" Zhejiang satellite TV’s latest response is that the guests on the program are rumors, please wait for the official announcement". Whether or not Zheng Shuang, for the program group, "who replace baby" have become the best program of preheating, but behind the incident around a series of lively entertainment stories, the only certainty is that although real hammer with the domestic variety into the blowout, stars become all variety of scarce resources, but for the stars, like the head of content running man like this, is still the core resources of the battleground "". Before the "run brothers" in season 4, although the program question experienced production team, coaching aesthetic fatigue, but from the two dimensions of network ratings and attention, there is no doubt that the program is still in the absolute leading position of outdoor variety, whether it is the new mouth overflowing popular variety "ultimate challenge" or mango Hong Tao was in charge of the "national TV" accelerated than male, run by more than one percentage point lower. The star lineup, has become a stable running man ratings key key. So the question is: first, in the end who will become the "running man" to replace the baby to join the next explosion of a star? Second, for the watercress score from the first quarter of 7.6 to the fourth quarter of, the "running man", in the completion of the lineup adjustment, the second quarter of next year after the line again, will still be the national explosion of the variety of it? "" "" "" "" "." ""   from nuozha, Jingyi bowed to Zheng Shuang, Victoria Song! Replace baby "running man" is how to run all over the actress suspense entertainment? Men ran from 2014 launch date, has been broadcast in the four seasons. Deng Chao, Li Chen, a regular guest Wong Cho Lam, Zheng Kai, Angelababy, Chen, and became a regular team of Luhan has formed a pack of all ages super lineup, but from the third quarter, about who replace baby suspense has been with baby suspected pregnancy rumors appear together. Rumors first appear in the third quarter of August 12th last year, there are rumors that Angelababy suspected pregnancy, may withdraw from the news, plus the Internet from "brothers" run the recording process table, not the name of the Baby first sets of guests, let the Baby out of the message loud and clear. At that time the Internet out of the list is nuozha. The rumor was finally hit by the facts相关的主题文章:

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